Magical Shopping Trips

Publix Trip Pic 8-25-14

Publix Trip on 8/25 with 98% Savings

8/25 Publix Trip I was excited to make this Publix trip. There were a lot of great deals to be had this week. I was meaning to get to Publix earlier than today, but life got in the way. I managed to squeak in two trips though so I could follow coupon limits, use 2 […]

Coupon 101

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What can I Expect from Coupons in the Coming Weeks? August Edition

I have read quite a few posts on the wall and have gotten a few emails and comments in webinars from people who are wondering “When will I see more food coupons?”  Well, you have my attention!  Here is your answer. In the summer time, the typical family does not consume nearly the amount of […]



Kroger Matchup – Central Region 8/28 – 9/2

Kroger Matchup – Central Region Here is this week’s Kroger Matchup for the Central Region. Get the best deals by combining the weekly sales ad, and available coupons. Remember, you will have to have a Kroger Plus Shopping card to receive all sale prices in the Kroger ad. Sign up for a Kroger Plus shoppers […]

Home & Garden


My Florida Adventure With The Wizard Family

My Florida Adventure With The Wizard Family As most of you know, I was able to go to Tampa, FL last week and spend a week with David, Andrea, the kids, and the whole Wizard Family! Before I got there, David warned me it was a true reality show in their house, lol but I […]



Citrus Lane – FREE Box of Baby Care Items

If you have not heard of Citrus Lane, or you have been waiting to take the plunge and see what it’s all about, then now is the time! Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription care package service providing age appropriate products like toys, food, personal care items, and more for children. Don’t worry parents, you […]

Money Management


2014 School Supply Stock Up Prices

Shopping for School Supplies can be a huge expense! All the new clothes, and it seems every year, the list of supplies get longer, and more expensive! Take a look at the School Supply Stock up Price … [Keep Reading...]

Offers & Reviews

High Value Coupon - Tommy Bahama

High Value Coupon – $50/$100+ Tommy Bahama

High Value Coupon for Tommy Bahama Here’s a coupon we don’t see every day. In fact I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one for this high a value for Tommy Bahama. Just sign up with your email, name & zip code (make sure it’s your couponing email) and they’ll give you your $50 off […]