5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for $10 or Less

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 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for $10 or Less

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Love is priceless but the expression of it seems to cost an arm and a leg these days.  Fortunately you can give a lovely Valentines gift to your sweetheart with just $10 and some creativity and preplanning.  Here are 5 ideas for Valentine’s gifts for him or her.

Boudoirs photos :  Grab a camera, a friend, and a white sheet.  Make sure the lighting is good in the room and snap away. Printing a 8×10 photo is around $4 at most Drug Stores and a Picture frame can be purchased at the dollar store and embellished with Valentines colored glitter , sequence or we recommend gluing Red Hots around the frame to keep in line with your spicy gift.

Total cost -$6-$8

Baked Goods:  Grab some cookie cutters in heart shapes and bake up copious amounts of cookies in the other person’s favorite flavors.  Using icing,write things about your sweetheart on the cookies that you love about him or her.
Total cost: $8-$10

Chores:  Everyone has that thing they HATE to do around the house.  Make up some Free pass cards and give them to your Valentine for those times they are too tired or simply not in the mood to do one of those chores.  You have to follow through, no questions asked.

Total cost: $1

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Love Letters:  People don’t send letters anymore so it makes sitting down and taking the time to put pen to paper even more meaningful. Let the other person know exactly what they mean to you.  Buy some pretty stationery and a nice pen ( not a ball point)  to really make it a keepsake.
Total cost: $5

Music:  Are you old enough to remember mix tapes?  Throwback to your teenage years and burn some of your special songs to disc.  Most music is just $.99 online and you can spend a romantic evening listening to music that is special to you both on Valentines Day.

Total Cost $1-$10

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