Backyard Chicken Update!

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Backyard Chicken Update!

Hey everybody. Backyard farmer Ashley here! Lol  I wanted to give you an update on my backyard chickens. They are growing fast but I still don’t have any eggs yet. I also added 4 more chickens to the group shortly after I got the first ones so that puts me at 12 chickens.


Backyard Chicken Update

Here is my chicken coop. I got a great deal on this shed. The company that we bought if from finances the sheds and offers a buy here pay here type of program. Of course that means people who really can’t afford them think it is a good idea to finance a shed and end up letting the shed get reposed. That’s where us smart cash only people come in. I asked the manager did he have any repos and if he could give me a deal on one if I paid cash and that was right up his alley. I ended up getting this chicken mansion for a steal! It has electricity too! The front of the coop has a screen door that we built so the chickens don’t fly out when the door is opened. I think the chickens are more than pleased with it.


Backyard chicken Update    Backyard Chicken Update    Backyard Chicken Update

This is the inside of my shed. They have food and water, a roost to sleep on, and nesting boxes to lay all those wonderful eggs in. I only paid $25 for the nesting boxes. A local guy here goes around to old chicken houses and repairs the boxes and then sales them. They look old but they will work just fine for my ladies. I know that chickens are not for everybody but anybody that is considering it should know that is doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to raise chickens. We have all the skills from couponing to find a good deal so might as well apply it to other things in life.


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Backyard Chicken Update      Backyard Chicken Update      Backyard Chicken Update

They also have a fenced in area around the coop so that they can explore in the grass and get some sun. This also keeps them safe from predators. We keep the food in a metal trash can and have the top tied down so that we don’t get any unwanted animals in the chicken feed.

It is getting close to time for my hens to start laying so everyday it is like a Easter egg hunt going around the yard trying to make sure that a sneaky chicken didn’t decide to lay an egg in the grass instead of the nesting boxes. The chickens are doing exactly what I was hoping for them to do as you read in my first post. I am getting my chicken poop to compost for the garden and help with bug control. My children are also learning a lot about what it takes to care for an animal. I have 4 little farmers that are chicken crazy. Sometimes I think the chickens wish they would find another pet. Organic eggs were high on my list for getting chickens but I will just have to keep waiting. They are getting close to the age to start laying eggs so any day now I am expecting to find a whole bunch of them. I will definitely have to keep you posted on my egg hunt. I have a feeling when they start laying eggs I will have more than enough.



  1. couponwizardgroupeealyse says:

    THIS IS SOOOO AWESOME!!! I am sOOOOOO envious of you. I want one so bad!!!! DAMN HOA!!! I will be following you Ashley. If I lived closer you would have to worry about an egg poacher!! 😉

  2. Your hens look so fat and sassy…I mean healthy 😉 Great job! Your eggs will be SO much better than anything you can get at the grocery store.

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