Big Daddy Coupon Pack Giveaway! Enter in this Post!

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Who wants to win “The Big Daddy” Coupon Insert Giveaway?!

The Coupon Wizards are sponsoring an AWESOME giveaway!! You can enter to win “The Big Daddy” coupon insert pack!! There are 90 coupon inserts – ten from each of the Sunday inserts throughout August!

This coupon insert packet sells for $49.99 on Insert Insanity. You can read how “The Big Daddy” is such an awesome deal and why you would want this. Just by using 5-6 coupons, you will get enough freebies to make your money back. After that – it’s just hundred and hundreds of dollars of savings!

What are you waiting for? Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter!

This is open in the US only. The giveaway starts at 12:01 a.m. eastern time on Tuesday, August 28 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, August 29. You have 48 hours!!

All entries will be verified. Good luck!

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  1. Randi Greene

    I want to win this so I can spread the coupon wealth!

  2. Shanna Hartwell says:

    This is awesome!! Almost $8500.00 worth of coupons!!!

    • Shanna Hartwell says:

      My best deal ever was getting enough Pert shampoo (the only kind my daughter and hubby use) to last me a year for FREE!!! :0)

  3. Lisa Hebert says:

    Would love to win and share the coupon love!

  4. The best deal I did recently was with the new glade spray with the refill was FREE!!!! I also like getting the soaps for free too! :o)
    Thank you for this rafflecopter! :o)

  5. Janet Gillich

    Best deal today was free stayfree

  6. Erin Barber says:

    My best deal was bringing home over a years worth of tooth paste.

  7. My best freebies thus far are method, stayfree, Crest 3D mouthwash, U by Kotex, carefree. My favorite of all is Method cleaning supplies. Not very often does that happen. :-)

  8. I would say that my best coupon deal was a couple of weeks ago when I got a bunch of dish soap, some Oscar Mayer Deli Meat, Toothpaste, Top Ramen, Pillsbury Egg Scrambles and a few other things all for about $10.

  9. The best deal was a $20.00 off the IM dog food. The price was just under $20.00 so it was free. : )

  10. My best coupon deal ever was at CVS. I got over 50 bottles of Softsoap Hand Soap for free other than paying the tax for the bottles. (just $4.50 for the tax for 50 bottles!)

  11. This would be an amazing start for a new couponer!

  12. Dori Wisniewski says:

    Thanks for this offer!

  13. Would love to win!

  14. what an awesome prize! would love to win!

  15. My best deal with getting boxes of Pampers for 85 cents each. They were on clearance at CVS and I had cvs/manufacturers coupons. Yes, the name brand “Pampers”!

  16. My best deal with getting boxes of Pampers for 85 cents each. They were on clearance at CVS and I had cvs andcoupons manufacturers coupons. Yes, the name brand “Pampers”!

  17. Michelle

    Awesome Giveaway!!!! Thanks for everything!!!

  18. I got lots of Swiffer wet pads for a crazy deal at Walgreens once and still using them.

  19. Melissa Squires says:

    I would love to win so I can help others out with learning how to coupon!

  20. I would LOVE these to get my coupon binder back up and running.

  21. I cannot wait to see what my stockpile can be like if I will the Big Daddy!!!

  22. My total for a trip was 25.00 and i walked out paying 1.91 i felt like i stole something It was for deoderants, shavers, and air wick refreshers!

  23. I am still new to couponing. So the best deal I got was free razors at walmart and some off the rest of my purchase using 2 coupons.

  24. Sonya Allstun says:

    I would say the glade coupon I got a good size stock of glade spray all for free

  25. jenny baker says:

    I got a stock of shampoo at my house…When I get overloaded, I love donating it to the local womens shelter…

  26. Denise McDaniel says:

    Thats a whole lotta dough in the pocket.

  27. Stormy Matlick

    This would be AMAZING to win! Lots of things I would be able to save on for the food and baby pantry that I manage.

  28. So Excited, someone is gonna need a new pair of scissors after clipping all those!!!

  29. Rebecca burleson says:

    I LOVE COUPONS! Thank you!

  30. Sara bradstream says:

    got FREE DIAPERS for my grand daughter

  31. Jamie Villarreal says:

    How Wonderful of yall to giveaway so much savings!!!

  32. I get stuff free fairly regularly. My momma taught me well. I don’t think I’ve paid for spaghetti sauce for years.

  33. Thank you for this opportunity! This is a very generous offer!!

  34. Kyra Phillips says:

    I would love to win! This would be a great help in starting care packages for the troops!

  35. Dennis High says:

    I would love to win this,I’m teaching my elderly neighbors about couponing and these coupons would go a long way.

  36. What a prize!

  37. As usual an awesome giveaway! My best deal was probably last black friday when I poured over the CW website and got a huge haul at CVS!

  38. April Johnson says:

    My best deal was when I scored a free Downy, any size. I love my Downy!!!!

  39. My best deal ever was 10 bengay rubs for oop,had 5.00 coupons,cost 5.38 each,and got 10.00 RR :)

  40. Lindsay Miller says:

    I scored bertolli pasta sauce for about .10 a jar

  41. wow wow wow

  42. Michelle

    What an awesome giveaway. I could finally stock up!

  43. What an awesome giveaway opportunity! Thank you.

  44. walmart paid me 81 cents for $25 worth of stuff …..not a great shopping trip but couldn’t believe that walmart paid me

  45. I got free stayfree yesterday!!!!!!!!!

  46. I would love to win. I haven’t couponed in months and this would get me back on track.

  47. TERRI GURNEY says:

    OMGoodness!!!! What an incredible give-a-way!! I would be honored and so thrilled to win!!!
    Hugs, Terri

  48. Bridget Merker says:

    One of my best coupon deals was getting 10 packages of Stayfree for just the price of tax!

  49. Best deal(s) I got was able to spend less than $100 on my daughter’s 1st birthday BBQ party — and that fed 25 people! Hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers, corn on the cob, you name it! Everyone loved the food and there was NO leftovers! Thanks for all you do and making my daughter’s 1st birthday andenjoyable, and cost friendly. Couldn’t have afforded to do it without your help!

  50. Suasn Clark says:

    Thanks for the chance at this BIG DADDY gvieaway from the BIG DADDY of couponing. :)

  51. laurie amburgey says:

    AWesome deal. I want it!!

  52. Nikki Walls says:

    I am so happy that you do such great giveaways.

  53. Kim Ayres says:

    Thanks to the Wizard, the admins and all the Wiz Kidz I’ve had a really good 1st year of couponing with lots of freebies and near-freebies sprinkled in along the way. My favorite recent deal (while not at all free!) was scorIng some cheap Huggies just in tIme for my baby girl to change sizes. Really good timing!

  54. I saved 68% using coupons before.

  55. I got A TON of SoftSoap hand soaps about a year ago for free!!! (Only had to pay tax oop, $.55 for every 8) I am still using them πŸ˜€

  56. My best “no coupon used” score: A brand new Etienne Aigner calfskin purse for .80 at a department store. My best “lotta coupons used” score: There are so many…the longer you coupon the less impressive your hauls seem. It’s almost an expected result but my heart still goes pitty-pat when I have a fistful of catalinas to pay for fresh produce & meats.

  57. I never win anything. This would be great if I won. Thanks for the chance to win Big Daddy!

  58. Melinda Dartmann

    My best deal was 6 free boxes of Loreal Hair Dye…since my hair is below my behind, it takes at least 2 boxes of dye everytime I do it. So that saved me approximately $59.93 in cost at the store and approximately $480 at the salon. Love it!

  59. heather racicot says:

    Needs to win this! :-)

  60. The best deal i had was when you could get the band ait kits for free. That has been a while so hoping to get more good things to come to me. LOL

  61. got some really cheap venus and gillette razors over $300 worth for about $30

  62. Karen Kasper

    My best deals are the things I get for free, such as the Papermate pens from Target, the Neutrogena Make-up Remover towelettes, all the trial and travel size face scrubs.

  63. jennifer Holmes says:

    My favorite so far has been the skittles coupons I had got over 100 from a food demonstrator at wal-mart one day. Each was good for $0.55 off of one single size bag. They were on sale one week for .33 so ended up making well over $30 back on my coupons

  64. Tracy Ferow says:

    I would love to have these coupons!!

  65. The best deal I’ve done so far is that I got about 144 speed stick’s for about $4 that was just the taxes I paid on!

  66. Wow!! Thats alot of coupons to share with all my friends!!

  67. Wow that is alot of coupons and alot of savings!

  68. Good luck and thanks wizards

  69. Anneke Spoerri says:

    What an exciting giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  70. jamie kelsey says:

    I guess my best deal would be when i spent 425.00 total and paid 43.50. It was great and lots of free peanut butter which was great!!

  71. My husband and I went to CVS and got 2 cans of mousse, a tube of toothpaste, 4 boxes of tissues and wound up spending 28 cents after our coupons and the reward bucks from CVS.

  72. This would be nice seeing as how I don’t get that many coupons!!!! πŸ˜‰

  73. Oh….and I get paid for dogfood every time I go to the store!

  74. Lovin Savin says:

    My mom and I coupon together and send my sister care packages to share our finds. My sister told me she needed tooth paste and paid $8 in Paris for one tube. I live in Illinois and love to send her stuff to help her out. These coupons would be put to good use. I hope I win!

  75. I get many free coupons just for emailing companies.

  76. Would love to win this!!!

  77. Jessica Hawkins

    I’d love to stock up for the holidays!

  78. I don’t remember the specifics of the coupons used, but did get about $80 worth of products for less than $15 at CVS.

  79. Love,love,love coupons-I look forward to getting my inserts in the mail-I love organizing them !!!!

  80. The best deal so far was yesterday getting 20 Bic
    flame , & lighters for absolutely free. But I will even have the best deal ever after I win the big daddy coupons. Can’t wait !!!

  81. Tanikia Ratcliff says:

    I would love to win this giveaway. Newspaper coupons are are limited here in Mississippi.

  82. This is awesome! Would handy as I didn’t.have time to buy inserts

  83. sharon meyer says:

    Count me in ! This is a great offer.

  84. Gretchen Lucas

    awesome idea, i sure would love to win this and have a nice stockpile for the winter!

  85. I would absolutely LOVE to win these!! I love being able to use coupons when I can but I rarely have time to go through papers to get them. If our power is out for too long here in Louisiana with this storm, Isaac, I will definitely need them to restock!

  86. karla alden says:

    if I win I totally will share with other the q I dont use, I promise

  87. Thank you for this opportunity.

  88. Laurie L. says:

    It would have to be getting Dawn for free. I use it for EVERYTHING around the house from dishes to laundry to scrubbing the tubs and showers.

  89. Who wouldn’t want to win this!

  90. karla aldlen says:

    I want to win so bad and what ever I dont use in q I will def share,

  91. Bristol Choate says:

    I would love to win this! I am a live in nanny to a family with 5 children and I am teaching the mother how to coupon.

  92. Cereal has been free for me and I have been close to free on many other things. I am still learning how to get alot more free!!! I have not been extremely successful just yet. BUt I am excited with the prospects!

  93. Bristol Choate says:

    The bast deal I ever got was…. I’m not exactly sure but I have made many many trips to Publix and walked away paying cents for trips valued at $100 filled with items I use everyday.


  95. Ashley B. says:

    Love coupons!!! This would be an amazing win!!

  96. April Martin says:

    I so want to win this!!!!

  97. Barbie Porterfield says:

    I have gotten so many great deals with the Wizard! I have been a follower since early last year, when there were less than 400 fans!

  98. Great offer, thanks for all your hard work!

  99. This is the BIGGEST giveaway you have done so far!!! Amazing!!!! Love it!!!!

  100. I sooooo need this!!!!

  101. Gabby Carrick says:

    This is an amazing deal! I would love to win this so that I can share it with my mom and cousin!

  102. Bridget Cunningham says:

    Would so appreciate this…lots of great coupons I’d like more of :-

  103. This is an awesome giveaway!

  104. Cheryl R. says:

    My best coupon deal was just recently a peelie on Kraft BBQ sauce at Kroger…buy 2 get $2 off Country Time Lemonade, well the BBQ was on sale for .67 each and the lemonade was 1.67, so it was an awesome deal!

  105. Rebeca Ipox says:

    The glade coupons! Would love to win the stack!

  106. Jodi Doolen says:

    Wow this is such a great deal I hope I win!!

  107. I’ve gotten two packages of free lunch meat and a free bottle of hair product.

  108. Ashley Horn says:

    I’m so grateful for Coupon Wizards. I have learned so much from their articles, webinars, and posts!

  109. Andrea Peterson

    My best couponing deal was Yoplait Smoothies… on sale for 2 for $3 and I used two 75 cent coupons that were doubled! Free smoothies for my family : )

  110. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!

  111. Lori Schmoll says:

    What a great giveaway!

  112. My best recent deal, was using the overage from they Bayer to buy school supplies at Walmart.

  113. My best deal recently was getting some hair dye at Rite Aid completely free, and using the overage from coupons to purchase some hand sanitizer for my colleauges for free! Oh — and I got +UPs on that deal for next time!

  114. The very best deal I did with coupons was with price matching and coupons at Wal-Mart. They actually gave me $26.82 back in CASH. I asked the cashier to call a manager to verify this was correct, and the manager said, “Yes, we receive the full value on the coupons, so you should, too!! Pay the lady!” I was on ecstatic!!!

  115. Heather

    My best deal was getting multiple Glade oil candles and holders for next to nothing. They were on clearance and used macufacturer coupons making them just a few cents each =) Thanks for the chance to win!

  116. I got ten bottles of Herbal Essence for FREE!! that was my best deal.

  117. Ashley Kaforey says:

    I got lots of awesome deals with coupons. It’s tough to pick just one. One that sticks close to me is a trip to Walgreens about a year ago that involved about 20 bottles on body wash, cutter bug fans, deoderant, makeup. Everything was FREE!!

  118. My best deal that I can remember I getting 8 Head & Shoulders shampoos and conditioners for free plus overage! That was like 6 weeks ago and that was awesome!!! :-)

  119. My favorite and best deals would be fruit snacks. My kids go through fruit snacks like crazy, and we have double coupons here so i usually get them for pretty cheap!!

  120. Hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  121. Stephanie says:

    I would love, love, love to win!

    • Stephanie says:

      Oops! My favorite coupon deal was free vodka after coupons + rebate last year when I first started couponing

  122. My daughter and I could really use these coupons

  123. Ashley P. says:

    Yesterday, I was able to get free stayfree and bodywash at CVS. Love the free stuff!

  124. Emily Leach says:

    My best coupon deal was when I got three bottles of Resolve All-Stain for $.50 each! They were on the 50% off rack at K-Mart (original price: 4.99), and my $1/1 coupons doubled to $2! Very useful find when your husband is a grill cook wearing a white work shirt.

  125. was earning money on bbq sauce and dill relish.

  126. My favorite coupon deals are always BABY related! :) Love free baby wipes and cheap diapers!

  127. hope its me

  128. I would love to win this to show others how much they can save even if thier store doesnt double coupons

  129. Abbey Rose says:

    My best shopping trip with just food items was paying 220 dollars for 400ish dollars worth of food. The coupon challenge helped a lot with that since a few manufactures sent “free up to x”. I still have a few coupons from doing that and I love how they don’t expire after a few months, most I have expire Dec 2012-March 2013.

  130. Melody Ergle says:

    I would love to be able to help my mother and my mother in law get started couponing!!!

  131. Shana Stacey says:

    This is an awesome giveaway. I hope I win :)

  132. Shana Stacey says:

    My best deals are toothpaste and soap that I get for free. I donate alot of these to the church’s food pantry

  133. I would be so excited to win this giveaway. It would provide the opportunity to purchase a lot of items to donate this fall.

  134. YOLIMAR BOLIVAR says:

    The coupon wizards have helped to save money, build a budget for my family and start thinking about ways to save and invest in my retirement.
    Thank you guys for giving so much love to all of us!!!

  135. jennifer krause says:

    Mhy best deal was BOGO free on and BOGO free sale at walgreens on mens shower soap

  136. Stephanie Mutone says:

    I did not coupon all summer. My stock depleted. It is time to restock. I would live to win this.

  137. Tara Liebing says:

    My best deal was getting a bunch of perfume sets after christmas for less than a $1 each at WalMart. I stocked up for a couple years on perfume : )

  138. This would be so awesome!!! I’m trying to get my sis n law and myself back into couponing and this would be so awesome and really help!!!

  139. Melissa

    The Coupon wizards are awesome!

  140. Kriste Mcdonald

    I think my best deal ever was one I posted pic of a few weeks ago. It was at CVS and a total of $140.15 and after coupons and rebate from Olay I paid $17.78..:) Its was the Olay bogo, dawn, suave, Kellogs, and others little items.. :) Thx for all you guys do to help everyday people save a lil to alot of money depending on their time and even if they want to try this. I started about 5 months ago trying to coupon and I love it.

  141. Yes PLEASE πŸ˜€

  142. paula bollwahn says:

    it was the heinz vinegar

  143. i would love to win all these coupons

  144. The Glade smellies, best coupons I have used in a while, also the chocolate coupons. I’m still working on figuring out free but you guys sure do make it easier.

  145. would love to win those

  146. This would be awesome to win!! Be able to give some free stuff to other people who need it as well.

  147. Brooke Lopez

    Love your site ! I always enjoy getting items for free using my coupons.

  148. awesome deal thanks coupon wizard

  149. Sonja Williams says:

    I would share with my friends if I win :)

  150. Andrea Hazelwood says:

    My best score ever was getting 5 $2.00 off coupons for scott toilet tissue and using them with a rain check I had for $4.99 a pack!! YAY

  151. My best coupon deal was toilet paper for 25 cents for a 4 pack!

  152. Oh how I would love to win these– the things I would get free…….and share

  153. Brooke Hoke Parr says:

    I live from one good deal to another, so I can’t even remember them all! But my inserts every week sure do make it possible for me to shop the way I do!

  154. Thanks for all you do!

  155. My best coupon experience was the day I walked out of Kroger and they owed me $7. I don’t remember what all I bought. It has been a while

  156. I would SOOOOOO LOVE to win this!!

  157. Would love to be able to help my co-worker save some money. I would also like to donate some items to my church’s food pantry.
    Best deal was on Lean Cuisine’s Kroger had them for $1.88 I had coupons that gave me an additional 75 cents off…..Lunch for $1.13 for 30 days….bonus!

  158. Free StayFree from Food4Less

  159. Thanks for the chance to win and I hope I luvr coupons :)

  160. Connie Wallace says:

    My best coupon savings was CVS! ECB n coupons a savings of $104.93! I only spent less than two dollars! Love it!

  161. It was a just my size tee. 6.00 with a $5 coupon. And I got my 10% discount because I work at Walmart. So….40 cents plus tax. Pretty sweet.

  162. Mine was the dial soap, hands down!!

  163. Best deal for me is A-1 Sauce for $0.75/bottle….. we go thru a bottle a week!

  164. Would love to win these!

  165. I would really love to win this because at the moment i am trying to do a big haul so that i will have money to give my 6 year old a good Christmas this year, finances have been tight and my food stamps have been cut and pushed 6 days away than I was used to getting them!!! I am 26 and I am in love with coupons and the way that they help me be able to get my son what he wants, and needs!!! THANKS for all you do!!!

  166. Would love love love to win this giveaway. I do not enter these things often, but this is one I’m in for!

  167. Would love to win!! Thank you for the chance

  168. i never try to buy coupons on the sites.u never know i get lucky to win this give away…thanks Coupo Wizards :)

  169. i never try to buy coupons on the sites.u never know i get lucky to win this give away…thanks Coupon Wizards :)

  170. Best deal I can remember was free toothbrushes!

  171. Lisa Loyd

    This would be great yo win. I donate coupons I don’t use or are expired yo military families overseas …This would be great to share with them!

  172. Thanks for the giveaway!

  173. One of my best deals was getting goodnites for $2 a pack.

  174. Would love to win this! Best deal yet- 12 bottles of Pantene shampoo & conditioner and the store essentially paid me to take it out of the store! (ended up with $2 left in catalinas after 3 transactions!)

  175. Free Carefree pantyliners from Kroger

  176. Thank you!! This would be awesome!

  177. I would love to win!!

  178. The Coupon Wizards is the SITE to go to for couponing – they teach you the basics and encourage you every step of the way…I am so thankful to be a party of this community!!!

  179. I hope I win! Both my family and my boyfriends family are going through really tough health and financial situations and this would be such a blessing!

  180. Who doesn’t love coupons! This would be awesome!

  181. This would be great to have since my mom has been out of work!

  182. Bernadette Beauclair says:

    The best deal I ever had was the Activia sale at Target, I was able to get 12 4 pack activia without paying anything by combining manufacturer’s Q and target Q.

  183. My best deal was when JC Penney had that website error back in the beginning of the year so they gave most people a $50 credit since they couldn’t fulfill all the orders. I got my son a Step 2 table and chairs for FREE!!

  184. Awesome! Thank you!

  185. frozen yogurt pops

  186. Melissa Papa

    Finally time to get the old binder back up and running since I am finally starting to run low on my stockpile items :)

  187. Stephanie Atwood

    I just had a great shopping trip at CVS this week saving $98.05, earning 2 $10 gas cards and $4 ECB while spending $88.30.

  188. Lyndel Allen says:

    would so love to win this!

  189. good luck everyone!!!!

  190. My best deal: 30 free tubes of toothpaste, 10 nivea full size body soaps & 15 axe body soap!!! I’ve been out of the couponing for about 3 months. Went to truck driving school, now I am out on the road & able to get to the stores that will dbl coupons ( home is in Fl, & we know that Fl doesn’t dbl). Need to get my stock pile up & running again & this would def. Do the trick!!!

  191. Tonia Krumvieda says:

    I would SO love to win this!! I am currently mentoring several newbies to couponing. This would be a nice starter pack for them to say the least!

  192. kelly sullivan says:

    Hooray, Coupons! Hooray for extra entries!

  193. Shauna Haile says:

    This would be absolutely incredible.

  194. Pet food for free and near free peanut butter!!!

  195. Best deal I have gotten is 4 bottles of purex laundry soap, 4 bottles purex crystals, 8 boxes velveeta shells and cheese, 6pk viva paper towel, 2 jars mayo, 2 bottles of lysol cleaner, 2 bags gummy bears, and 6 candy bars all for $12.03 saved over $110

  196. Shauna Haile says:

    I don’t really know what my best coupon deal has been…..just anything free I guess. Like toothpaste, deodorant, and pet food.

  197. I’ve gotten razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and potatoes for free!!

  198. I would so love to win this awesome giveaway! Thank you for all you do to help us save money!

  199. I would love to win this; since, I never win anything, I just want to congradulate the winner in advance. Good luck to everyone. This is an awesome giveaway.

  200. Love coupon wizards!!! thanks so much for all you do! this would be an awesome prize to win!

  201. Forgot to add my best deal ever… that would be free shampoo from cvs the head and shoulders

  202. Leighanne says:

    Oh my we so need this help right now!!!! What an awesome giveaway! Thanks

  203. Nina Harbison says:

    I can’t remember specific details, but last year when I was couponing heavily I got almost all my kids school supplies free. I wasn’t couponing a much this year & back to school broke the bank. This pack would get me started again

  204. Brandi Ferguson

    I have scored a lot of free stuff lately. :)

  205. michelle bryant says:

    best one ever was local grocery store had olay soap markeed down to 1.00 had coupon for free shaving cream when bought olay so got both for a dollar.

  206. Rebecca martin says:

    Please pick me!!

  207. Needing to get started up again!!!!!

  208. Jennifer U says:

    I would love to win this! This would go to 4 different families that coupon!!

  209. I plan on help my local food bank if i win. They will be so grateful. Thank you for all u do to help so many people with your site.

  210. Fingers crossed :). Good luck everyone.

  211. cheryl mcleod says:

    WOW! AWESOME PRIZE! I would love to win! If I win, I will share the coupons with my friends and family.

  212. Rebecca Rodgers Johnson says:

    The best I’ve gotten is probably the Head and Shoulders deal at CVS a few weeks back. Its the only shampoo my husband uses and I was able to stock up for super cheap!

  213. Jeanie Carpenter

    I was able to get the entry form to show up under IE, just takes some time!! :) Need this to keep my kids busy next weekend for Labor Day!! LOL!!

  214. Great set of coupons!

  215. How wonderful it would be to win this and help my sisters & friends!

  216. There were a LOT of hot coupons in August!! This would be an amazing prize to win!! Thanks for the chance :)

  217. laura Busher says:

    That would be so awesome as I am trying to donate food to our local food bank! What a blessing that this would be =)

  218. yolanda bryant says:

    Kids really enjoyed the free Nesquick :)

  219. Tania S.

    My best deal was getting razors for free.

  220. Candice W. says:

    I have to pick just one?! Getting free HBA products is wonderful!

  221. Today I was able to get 3 packs of Stayfree for free plus the $5 giftcard from Target. Also in the same trip was able to get 4 bags of Lays chips for $2 total.

  222. Would really like to win this so that I can donate to our local women’s shelter and to the local cat shelter that are always in great need for supplies.

  223. Melanie G. says:

    All of the coupons that came out for back-to-school! I got so much stuff for free, I had enough for all 4 of my kids and I donated 2 backpacks full of supplies to a local family.

  224. Would love to win this. My best deals were last year when I spent about 120 dollars for 700 dollars worth of things at Walgreens.

  225. Today was my first big coupon haul from CVS, over 154.00 in products, spent 16.70 Out of pocket! So I have just started couponing and I so need to win this to build my stockpile for my growing family.

  226. Randi Roark says:

    My best deal was when I got $246 worth Cover Girl make-up for $6.83! And, I really want to win the “big daddy”!!

  227. Wow! Great giveaway!!!! My best was going to Kroger, I spent $200 and paid $51. Not too bad!!

  228. Heather Robison says:

    I would love to win this!! I am a single mother of 2 and need all the help i can get with saving!!

  229. Stephanie Guenther

    I was able to send my husband grooming supplies via care packages for a few months for FREE!!

  230. rachel hickey

    I got paid a little over $23 at Walmart!

  231. Mya Dickey says:

    I would love love love to win this. With the kids back at school I have more time on my hands to get back into couponing and this would be so helpful!!!!

  232. Renee Flowers says:

    I want those coupons!

  233. Thank you for the opportunity! Keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck all!

  234. I would love to win this coupon pack.
    It will allow me to save some money for my family as well as introduce my mom to couponing and share with my sister who also uses coupons.
    I would also be able to obtain many product to donate to my girls’ schools.

  235. Jennifer McNeill says:

    The best deal I ever got was all the cover girl items.

  236. Coupon Erin says:

    I would love to win this! <3

  237. Best deals I ever got were: 40 boxes of Rose Art Crayors, 17 boxes of colored pencinls, 13 boxes of markers Rose Art for free at Target :)). Some were donated to church and to our friend’s kids :)

  238. I need to win this, recently a single mom and have to save where ever I can.

  239. Leanne Garfield says:

    Wowza! Now thats some coupon cutting! Wonderful giveaway.

  240. awesome deals i cant wait to see if I won!!

  241. would love to win this~ thanks for the chance!

  242. One of the best deals i have gotten lately is the glade expressions starter kits, the refills, glade oil diffusers and the refills all free from the publix BOGO and the man BOGO.

  243. Marie Shackelford

    My best deal was getting 6 month’s of toilet paper and paper towels for my family of 5 for under 20 bucks.

  244. My best haul has been saveing 85% on my grocery bill.

  245. Michelle Moskal says:

    Free product coupons from companies

  246. Vikki Walker says:

    Hope I will this. It would be great!

  247. I would love to win these for me and my wife. what an amazing gift this would be! we love saving money. there is nothing better than cheap to free items! one of our best deals in the best was a nivea sale and coupons where we ended up getting 20 bottles free. we just now ran out recently.

  248. Greta Perez

    Would love to win all these coupons! Great giveaway :)

  249. Jessica Meadows says:

    My best deal(s) ever…getting enough laundry soap & deodorant for FREE (without clearing shelves!) that I haven’t had to purchase any at all in over a year :)

  250. Jennifer Arm says:

    my best deal was free excedrin migraine……it was trial sizes on sale for less than the coupon i had….at target……and i suffer from chronic migraines, so who wouldn’t love free migraine meds?

  251. I got 150.00 worth of stuff for 40.00 at CVS using extra care bucks, EC COUPONS AND REGULAR COUPONS.

  252. Dora Williams says:

    my best deal is getting $160 worth of groceries and hygiene for $65! :-) Hope I win!

  253. Lisa Williams says:

    I would love to get these coupons…my daughters (16 and 10) get in on the coupon magic with me and with only one income for my family..I need all the help that I can get. I also would love some of these coupons for the non-profit agency that I work for….I do the marketing for the house that I work at and LOVE saving my guys money and getting them free items!

  254. Oh, i would love those. :)

  255. Best coupon deal ever was 8 boxes of cottenelle wipes, all FREEEEE! :)

  256. My best deal ever was getting a bunch of free toothpaste. (New to couponing!)

  257. Just this weekend I went to Target and I found my favorite shampoo starter packs on clearance. They had the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy 7 day starter system packs, which has 2 shampoos & 1 conditioner in the box on clearance for $3.38 I had a $2 off manufacturer coupon that expired the same day I went and I also had a $2 off Target coupon. So I actually got paid 62 cents to buy my favorite shampoos. I bought 10 of them so I actually made $6.20 on the deal.
    Also at Walgreen’s this weekend they had my favorite UP2U gum on clearance for .38 cents and there was a coupon in the paper for $1 off 2 packs. I earned .24 for every 2 I bought so I bought 20 packs, therefore I earned $2.40 toward other items.

  258. Oh wow ….my best deal….. it would have to be the root awakening by John Frieda – I think I paid like less than $1 a bottle at Publix. I was such a little kid…. It felt like I was robbing the store and it was all legit. Love couponing :)

  259. My best deal ever was overage on cat treats. It was a peelie and clearanced giving me a $0.49 overage on every pack!!! How crazy was that! So glad every so often I just wander aisles looking for a crazy deal.

  260. Shelly I. says:

    What a great giveaway! Could use more coupons as I love getting free toothpaste.

  261. Who doesn’t love coupons!!!

  262. Brittany G. says:

    I can’t exactly remember my best deal EVER, but I know my best TRIP ever was to CVS. It was at the first of the year and we are still loaded up on all the deodorant, shampoo and cold meds we got on that trip! We got about $180 worth of stuff for $30! Amazing trip!

  263. My best deal was getting Kerri Lotion free from harris teeter super doubles

  264. Tiffany Noell says:

    Im going to have to say my best deal was CVS, once I got 3 packs of diapers and a stroller for $3.52

  265. M&Ms fun sized bags for $.76/each – they had overstock at Target & marked down from $2.99 to $.76 about 2 weeks ago. I stocked up for Halloween & surprises for the kids.

  266. Lisa Bruce says:

    I stocked up at the beginning of the year at Rite Aid on Dawn dish liquid using dawn coupons. Walked out with a total of 65 bottles in 1 weeks time and only paid $2.23 oop. I’m still stocked on this dish liquid! πŸ˜‰

  267. If I could win these coupons I could share with my friends, convince them that I am not nuts for couponing.

  268. Donna Johns says:

    I would really love to win all those coupons!!

  269. Amanda Kness says:

    I would LOVE to win this. I am so low just from being in a rut of not couponing!!! I have gotten 18 free M&M’s, twix, and snickers icecrem pints with my coupons before. Over 140 boxes of Capri Suns for 49c apiece and free shampoo and conditioners….. toothbrushes, toothpaste, lots! :)

  270. I love couponing for free H&B products… went almost 2 years once without having to pay for toothpaste, and I have a family of 9!

  271. My favorite coupon deal as of late had been free Nestle Purelife Splash 6pks at Kroger! I think my all time favorite was when I got 60 boxes of pasta for free! I heart me some coupons!

  272. Charlotte A says:

    It would nice to win this so I can save more money for my family & I can share the savings. Thank you for the time you all take to bring us the great deals.

  273. Charlotte A says:

    One item that I have gotten for free using coupons is toothpaste. My family is stocked up for awhile on it.

  274. Kathi Deese says:

    I can’t pick 1 deal in particular, but I have to say, the biggest giggle I got was this weekend, when I bought some stuff for friends while camping using my Wags RR that were going to expire and they were floored when I handed them their $$ back after going πŸ˜‰ lol I now have a friend who wants to learn & this would be a great way to get her started!!

  275. i would love to help grow my stockpile

  276. I need these coupons! Just getting into couponing, and this would help sooo much!!

  277. I need a starting point to get baqck into couponing.. have so many friends and family members going through hard financial times, Id like to help in any way I can!

  278. Stephanie says:

    I would love to win this!! It would make my coupon adventures so much more fun:)

  279. I’d absolutely love to win these coupons!!

  280. I would love to win this and start couponing!!

  281. I would feel richly blessed if I won! I want it sooo bad!

  282. I would Love to win this! I’m just getting started with couponing. Plus, my husband, Randy Lucas only has a few days left of his medication and we have to get moved in this weekend. This is what I coupon for! Please Please help out with a donation or Share!! Please help with the fundraiser for Randy Lucas! Your help and support is still needed!!

  283. Matching a bogo sale with a handful of bogo coupons! I love walking out of the store with a bag full of free goodies!

  284. My best deal that I can remember is the head & shoulders. I got 8 bottles for free plus overage! Thank you for all you do!! You all have helped my family tremendously!

  285. I went to Target for school clothes only and left my Qs at home. I realized I needed TP and it was on sale with $1.00 coupon on the package and I got free wipes with it. That was a good deal for me.

  286. Diane Marletto says:

    Love to follow you and this is a crazy giveaway!

  287. best deal I ever got was using coupons from in store and buying only on sale items to be very surpised to get paid 2.14 and saving 75 dollars!

  288. The best deal I got so far was at Walgreens awhile back. I got 4 tubes of Colgate Total toothpaste, 2 bottles of Suave shampoo, 2 bags of Lays potato chips, 2 bags of Arare, and 3 boxes of Kotex tampons. After RR and free movie ticket, I paid $0.51! =)

  289. Terry Close

    What a great giveaway. Keep up the Great work wizards!!!!!!

  290. Besides the free Stayfree pads, free Head & Shoulders, free razors…Saving at least 65% on my groceries regularly is my greatest joy, since I feed a family of 5 including 3 teenagers!!

  291. Besides the free Stayfree pads, free Head & Shoulders, free razors & toothpaste…Saving at least 65% on my groceries regularly is my greatest joy, since I feed a family of 5 including 3 teenagers!!

  292. Christi E says:

    My best deal was last Thanksgiving at CVS, I got over $200 worth of various stuff (medicine, food, candy, headphones, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc) for around $23 with very few coupons. I was patient and made good use of their ECB’s and the few coupons that I had, and had a ton of transactions!

  293. Jennifer N says:

    Soft Soap for free last year due to purchasing coupons from your site. I gave the teachers I worked with free soft soap!!!

  294. I Love getting deals!! Especially since I got laid off my job have 2 kids, it gives me a sense of satisfaction or complishment.. Now I am trying to teach my kids that couponing isn’t cheap but its thinking in business men and women… That running a house is like running a business.. We just can’t fire each other. haha

  295. Terri Fought says:

    Looking forward to getting started with a great set!

  296. I LOVE that I have been able to get foods like pasta, crackers, Milk and cheese for Free or extremely cheap! Those are things I really use and eat so it doesn’t get any better! πŸ˜€

  297. Me me me!!!! I would love to win!!!

  298. Suzanne Kreutz

    I love your site – you do a great job!

  299. Wow, would I love to win this…. my daughter gets sick of hearing me say, if I don’t have a coupon for it…..

  300. Wendy Brasher says:

    Thanks for giving us the chance to save money!!

  301. Jessica Hawkins

    I once got 8 panteen shampoo and conditioneer’s for free. I’m running so low on everything. I need a good stock up on everything.

  302. valerie miller says:

    This is an awesome giveaway!!

  303. Kim Bausinger says:

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you do on research! Your time investment helps me limit my time finding ways to save my family some much needed cash! You guys rock!! And I would love the inserts too! πŸ˜‰

  304. karla spencer says:

    best deal was the large tide for 1.97 had coupon for 2 lowes
    thank u in advance

  305. free burts bee skin care.!! it was full size and amazing. :)

  306. Karla Alden says:

    I want to win so bad, crossing my fingers.. good luck everyone

  307. I loved getting 12 free bottles of Bayer aspirin(with overage!) at Walmart!

  308. My best deal ever was TONS of free Pantene from CVS back in the days of unlimited ecb deals.

  309. he best deal that I ever got was Kotex – found them on Mark downs in Publix for 3.00 for large boxes. I had publix coupons for 1.00 off then I also had 2.00 manufacturer coupon and I had 4 sets of coupons and also 3 had buy 1 get one free cpns – so all in all _ got 7 boxes of Kotex Tmpns for FREE!!!

  310. T. Worthey

    Would love to win!!

  311. I would love to win this and share the coupons with fellow couponers!

  312. Hoping for the big win!

  313. Michele s. says:

    My best deal lately was taking my sister in law shopping last weekend when I was home. I saved her nearly $100, got cheap granola bare and meat, and free baby food and free glade diffusers and spray! All done with about 15 minutes of planning! Great trip and she learned a ton!

  314. Thanks for all you guys do! Been a Wiz kid for a long time and learned tons. Would love to win! Good luck everyone!!

  315. Christopher Curry says:

    i have never won Something like this. Great prize

  316. Good luck everyone!

  317. my best trip would be free razors and air fresheners at walmart awhile back and had almost enough overage to pay for my husbands lunches for work that week….

  318. Tina Shifflett says:

    I would live this awesome win!!!

  319. I would love to win this! I would share with my family and friends.

  320. Quanniece says:

    I would be forever greatfull if I win this coupon bundle. Please pick me!!

  321. Just the jump start I need to get BACK into couponing!

  322. Quanniece says:

    My best coupon deal was the free stayfree this week and the week of 7-22!! This week was a money maker at Target-WOo Hoo

  323. Trish Allen says:

    Would luv to win this. I haven’t been able to do coupon shopping in a few weeks :(

  324. my best deal was one of my first couponing trips. I got $67 worth of stuff at WalGreens and I paid $6 and some change. If it was not for that trip, I probably would not have stuck to couponing.

  325. I’m new to couponing . I loved it when I saved so much on my shopping trip that I only spent half the price I would normally have spent.

  326. would luv to win every little bit helps. I even get to donate 3/4 of what i buy

  327. What a awesome giveaway. I can always use more coupons.

  328. What a awesome giveaway. I can always use more coupons

  329. I want to win some coupons. Great giveaway!!

  330. Chris W.

    I got a great deal at CVS once, like 10 boxes of Finish dishwashing tabs that came out to about 5 bucks!

  331. christine says:

    Best deal ever was last Christmas (black friday) when I spent $90 at Wags and received $84 in RR.

  332. I would love to win this!!! My favorite deal so far would have to be the Diaper Deal at Walgreens $3.49 a pack for the slipons was Awsome!! Also the Purina One $5/1 Coupon made for nearly free dog food. :)

  333. My favorite deal (and therefore my best) is the first stock up item ever. It was my first week couponing and we had a store that would double up to 50cents. I found my fav brand of mashed potatoes not only on sale for a great price but rock bottom priced w/a 50cent peelie!! I scored 24 boxes on that trip for $2.00!!! Ever since then I’ve been hooked!! Mind you I don’t buy 24 of ANYTHING these days but I do keep enough for my family to not have to worry about “what’s for dinner”.

  334. Would love to win this to replenish my stockpile and would share with my daughter who also coupons!

  335. DaisyStomper says:

    This is awesome!

  336. What a great prize to win :)

  337. Going to Vons and having my bill drop from more than half = AMAZING!!!

  338. I got great deals on Huggie pull up diapers this month for my grandson (my son is a single father) using the 1.50 Huggies coupon and the 4.00 Walgreens coupon out of the August coupon book

  339. Danielle Schulz

    My best coupon deal was $11.00 spent at Target for $35.00 worth of stuff! I felt like a coupon queen for the first and only time ever! πŸ˜‰

  340. Thank you for the opportunity to enter such a great giveaway. You guys are the BEST : )

  341. Best deal is anything that comes free after coupons and just pay tax! Esp when its things you use on a daily basis!

  342. On my first trip to CVS with coupons I spent $36 oop and saved $76. I was so stunned that it could actually be done. Thanks for all the ideas!!!!!!

  343. Pat Royse says:

    Would love to have it, so I could donate the majority to Coups for Troops. I love that project!

  344. that’s a lot of comments!! Great job Wizards!

  345. best deal ever??hmmm….so many to chose from…. $60 worth of free aspirin, pickles, pens, etc at Walmart…

  346. My best deal ever was what started my new obsession, THE NIVEA DEAL!!

  347. Vanessa Dalton says:

    something for free! I love free coupons!

  348. Hope I’m not to late! This is would be great!!

  349. CVS with the $8.00 Covergirl coupon and gift cards. I huge huge money maker.

  350. I got a lot of toothpaste and air freshners free.

  351. CVS with the $8.00 Covergirl coupon and gift cards. A huge huge money maker.

  352. my local grocery store doubles coupons and always has toothpaste on sale so I haven’t paid for toothpaste in over a year!

  353. Such a great giveaway!

  354. This would be awesome to win, since I have been slacking on picking up my coupons.

  355. Such a great giveaway! HoPe I win.

  356. Stephanie Birman says:

    Please allow me to win these and let me get our family back on our feet.

  357. My newest big freebie was a box full of Kashi’s products!!

  358. My binder has gotten thin. It needs fattening up. Plus I pass on all the ones I don’t use.

  359. Dawn Graves says:

    I hope I win this to help my neghbors out :)

  360. Would love to win and share all the coupons at my next coupon class =)


  362. his would be just hunky dorey. would love to have to sit and cut them all out. My childrfen will love it when they are told they can go into my binder and get what coupons they need.

  363. Dawn Barber says:

    Would love to win and us it in Hawaii where I do my couponing.

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