Cash Back App Shrink with $2 Sign-up Bonus!

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Shrink Inc – The Newest Cash Back App

cash back app shrink

We have yet another new cash back app, this one called Shrink. This is the first I’ve heard of this one so I don’t know too much about it. I’m about to head to the store to get a couple offers & try it out. This I do know; it’s only available on the iOS platform at the moment (iPad, iPhone, iTouch), but hopefully the Android version is just down the road. Luckily I have an iPad, but prefer my Samsung phone for these. I doubt it will take long for that version to come out & we’ll be sure to let you know.

They have some pretty decent cash back offers at the moment. Not a lot, but I’m definitely going for the $1 back on eggs and the one for OJ. Also, for a limited time, you’ll get $1 in your account when you sign up under me using referral code MVGOMP (make sure to choose Create New Account and NOT Facebook, until you’re registered) and another $1 when you fill out your profile. Just answer a few short questions and viola! You’ll already have $2 in your account. Sign up today and start earning!

Update on the New Cash Back App

So here’s my update. I got 3 cash back offers this afternoon. $1 Cash back on a dozen eggs, $0.50 cash back on Apples & $1 cash back on orange juice. I “reserved” my picks, came back from the store & uploaded my receipt & checked the offers I was redeeming. No bar codes to scan, no quizzes to take before I could redeem; easy peasy! It also said it could take up to 48 hrs for the cash back to hit your account, but by 6pm, my $2.50 was in my account. Check that. My $4.50 was in my account. $2.50 For my offers and $2 for my sign-up credits. Can’t get much easier!

Once you reach $20, you can send it to your Paypal account or just let it build. Like I said earlier, you can only get this on Apple devices right now, but once it hits the Android market we’ll let you know. Head over to the iTunes store and download Shrink today. Remember to use referral code MVGOMP & fill out your profile to get your $2 and start earning your cash back. Let me know how it goes!

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