Cash Free Christmas with Swagbucks

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swagbucks cash free christmasHappy Mega Swagbucks Friday everyone! This is the happiest day of the week; Mega Swagbucks Friday. On Fridays, the Swagbucks program gives out over 400,000 Swagbucks to its subscribers! There are plenty of ways to earn. Why not start earning today and have a cash free Christmas yourself? Some of the many ways to earn are:

  • Searches via their search engine
  • Taking surveys
  • Participating in poles
  • Searching for hidden codes on their site
  • Following them on Twitter and Liking them on Facebook

As for the searches, some users have reported winning 2,000 Swagbucks for just one search. They probably did that on a Friday, since this is the day those Swagbucks roll in at their highest value. You probably search the Internet a few times a day anyway, why not turn those searches into gift cards. Use those gift cards to help you have a cash free Christmas!

Cash Free Christmas the Easy Way

So what’s the easiest way to earn these Swagbucks? I think the Swagbucks search engine plays a very important role! I must admit, it took awhile to get used to using their search engine, but once I got in the habit, the searches that resulted in Swagbucks earned started happening fast and furiously. How this works is, you get Swagbucks for searching for things in their search engine. Just enter your search string and it can result in anything from 5-25 Swagbucks, on average. On Mega Swagbucks Fridays though, those points are often doubled.

The easiest way for me to remember to use their search engine was to make Swagbucks my home page. Now, whenever I have to look something up, all I have to do is click on my Home button and enter the search term in the field box (see #1 in pic below). Hopefully, that search will result in points.

swagbucks cash free christmas

Once you locate where to enter your search term, type in what you’re looking for, hit the Search&Win button (See #2 in pic above) and get your results. For my example, I used “where to find clipped coupons” as my search term. Guess what? I won 10SBs for that. Woo hoo!

swagbucks cash free christmas

That’s it; just enter your search term in the Swagbucks search box, rather than Yahoo, Google, etc., and gather in the points. If you’re going to look something up anyway, why not do it in a place that’s going to get you rewards for doing so? You don’t get points for every search, but rarely a day goes by that I don’t get at least one hit and remember, Mega Swagbucks Friday always result in more. Just click on any of the Swagbucks links in this post, fill out the “Register and Star Earning” form to get started, and you’ll be on the way to a cash free Christmas in no time!

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Until then, Shop Happy ~ Michele


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    Guess what? I did too! LOL Thanks M!

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