Creative Stockpiling When Limited On Space – Laundry Room

Creative Stockpiling When Limited On Space - Laundry Room I have a very good stockpile but sometimes I have to get creative when storing it. I do not have a basement or a garage, so I have had some very good ideas how to keep  my stockpile organized and together in the house without taking over and still being out of sight. If you need a few more ideas on creative stockpiling when limited on space, take a look at how we set up our grocery stockpile here. If you want to see how we got creative … [Read more...]

Creative Stockpiling When Limited On Space-Part 2

Creative Stockpiling When Limited On Space-Part 2 Last week I showed you how we turned an unused "catch all" room into a grocery stockpile and office area. If you missed it, you can read it here! Now, let me tell you how we got creative with our HBA stockpile! I knew I would not be able to keep the HBA stockpile with the groceries, and HBA items are used in the bathroom, so we used some dead space and my husband built some shelves in our walk in closet in our bathroom. This was a very cheap … [Read more...]

Creative Stockpiling When Limited On Space

Creative Stockpiling When Limited On Space When we first began our couponing lifestyle, we learned about stockpiling. The first thing I wondered was where will I keep a stockpile of groceries and HBA items. While we have a nice sized 3 bedroom house, we do not have a garage or a basement. Out of the extra 2 bedrooms, one is a guestroom, and the other was a "catch all" room. Instantly, we came up with a plan! We started looking for kitchen cabinets and shelving we could put in our "catch all" … [Read more...]

Are You Buying Damaged Groceries?

 Are You Buying Damaged Groceries? Why would we buy damaged groceries when perfect  food is all around us?  I recently watched a show on the Food Network called The Big Waste.  Four of the networks popular chefs were challenged to make a gourmet meal made entirely from trash and feed it to a room full of people including but not limited to politicians, well known chefs, sports figures and actors. Trash?  Yes trash or at least that's what it was considered to be by the grocers and the … [Read more...]

Laundry Detergent Tablet Storage

    I recently purchased  several bags of laundry detergent tablets and the bags take up a lot of room in my stockpile so I came up with this idea.The milk container is sturdy enough to hold up, I have easy access to the tabs in my laundry room cabinet and it holds 92 tablets allowing me to toss 5 bags. Wash the milk container and let dry thoroughly. Cut a large enough hole near the bottom to fill with tablets. You can remove them easily, the tablets are a little sticky … [Read more...]

Food Expiration Dates

  You've cleaned out or re-arranged your pantry and noticed you have food past its "expiration date" so now what? Eat it or throw it away? Open the container, smell it and taste it. What we have come to think of as an expiration date really isn't an expiration at all and in most cases the food is still safe to eat. Types of dates  Sell By date tells the store how long to display the product for sale Best If Used By date is recommended for the quality and flavor Use By date … [Read more...]

Freezer Stockpile Organization

Our stockpiles are always changing. I tend to buy the same products regularly so it's easy for me to maintain some sense or organization. I really wanted an upright freezer but we don't have the space for it right now so we bought a large chest freezer and put it in the laundry room. I knew immediately that I needed freezer baskets to control the chaos. Luckily 2 plastic milk crates are perfect for the job and very cheap. The top crate holds the chicken, ground turkey and sausage. The … [Read more...]

Start Stockpiling Efficiently & Effectively

When I first started my coupon journey on The Coupon Wizards Facebook page, I kept hearing the word stockpile. When I thought of the word stockpile, my first thought was weapons and ammo. I can understand why most of you are probably thinking "Why would she think of weapons and ammo, is she crazy?" The answer is no, I'm not crazy. I always associated the word stockpile with both weapons and ammo because I heard it so many times when I was in the Army. As the saying goes, "Once a soldier, always … [Read more...]

Stockpiling: What’s My Stockpile Quantity

One of the things you need to understand when learning to shop like The Wizards is how to track your stockpile quantity.  This video will walk you through the concepts you need to succeed.  In addition, the link below will give you the actual form that you may print out to use in your own home! Get my STOCKPILE QUANTITY TRACKING SHEET.      … [Read more...]

How I Keep My Stockpile Organized

So, by now you have had a peek into most all of our stockpiles. I have mine set up in different areas around the house based on what I use where. Also, as you take a look around, you'll notice I have no cleaning products stockpiled. Not true. We have 3 full bathrooms in our house - so each bathroom has their own small stock of a few extra cleaning products and toilet paper. First is my health and beauty products. I stocked when we moved in August and haven't added to it yet - nearly a year. … [Read more...]

The Tide is High but the Cost Was Low

As many of you know,  one of my favorite products in my stockpile is Tide laundry detergent. I am very brand loyal to Procter & Gamble.  I met my husband Kenny there 24 years ago,  when we both worked for them. They were an amazing company to work for and we are paying it back by buying their products. Shaw's P&G Deal There was a sale at Shaw's where if you bought two P&G products,  you would receive $5 off instantly. I did three transactions,  getting $5.00 off of each … [Read more...]

How I Organize My Stockpile

        You have either learned to coupon effectively, you are just beginning or you are somewhere in the middle.  Either way, learning to coupon is just the beginning of the process. We need space to store it and a manageable way to keep track of and maintain our stockpiles as well. I never wanted to get to the point that I needed a shelf then one day I realized how much more efficient it would be to have the majority of my stockpile in one area. The first … [Read more...]

Tips for managing your stockpile

When I started couponing about a year ago I had no idea how to start a stockpile or if I even wanted to. But after taking the webinars on the website and learning more about the benefits of a stockpile I decided to give it a try. I started out with one 5- shelf storage rack and soon after I got a second one and put them both in the garage. However, by the time I bought the second shelf the store no longer had the same style as the first one I bought. It still kind of drives me nuts so if you're … [Read more...]

How to Build Storage Shelving on a Budget

Our family has been couponing for just over a year now. In that year's time, we've outgrown the storage capacity in the kitchen cabinets. We don't get to carried away with our stockpile, but we do enjoy the extra savings, that we're able to generate when items are at there 12 week low price, so we had to figure out how to build more storage shelving on a budget. At one point, the company I was working for was in the process of throwing out wood shelving. Just the shelves not the end rails or … [Read more...]

Health and Beauty Stockpile Expiration Dates

Have you ever wondered if items in your Health and Beauty stockpile will expire? I'm not talking about after it's opened, because, many things do need to be used in a reasonable amount of time.  I'm talking about those bottles of shampoo and conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc that sits in the nice rows and stacks in the closet, just waiting, for maybe a year or more, to be used. Well, here is your answer! When there is no expiration date posted on a product, it may mean just … [Read more...]

It’s Snowing Outside… Organize your Stockpile

Here in Minnesota we are getting snowed in and frozen, so what better time to dive into the stockpile that pretty much got trashed over the holiday season~ there is stuff all over the place in the area I keep our health and beauty items. Whatever you do, don't open these doors!!!   I told you not to open those doors!! GOODNESS! What a MESS! There are bags of Christmas things, clearance deals and Walgreens runs...a daunting mess. This would scare anyone who looked in this closet~ … [Read more...]

A PEEK into Wizard Melissa’s Stockpile(s)!

  How many of you stand in front of your stockpile and admire it? Come on. Admit it! I'm PROUD of mine, so I totally do! I organize it, and straighten it and brag about it and show it to everyone who comes over! Yep, I'm a proud couponer!!  My KIDS even want to show their friends when they come over! They enjoy heading down stairs to the "Grocery Store" to grab snacks or things for dinner!! I have only been couponing for ONE YEAR. Yes, 365 days. When I started, I didn't … [Read more...]

Wizard Valerie’s Freezer Stockpile

  This is my current stockpile but it's also a really good example of how to organize your freezer space. I really wanted an upright freezer but we don't have the space for it right now so we bought a large chest freezer and put it in the laundry room. I knew immediately that I needed freezer baskets to control the kaos. Luckily 2 plastic milk crates are perfect for the job and very cheap. When we decided to partake in The Coupon Wizards weight loss challenge I did a little … [Read more...]

How Jessica Stores Her Stockpile

After some hesitation, here is a peek inside my stockpile. While I am proud of what I have accomplished through couponing, I don't like to feel as if I am bragging or saying, "look at me." I have been couponing since December 2010 and have slowly reached and maintained my stockpile. This is the hall closet, which houses most of the health & beauty items. I have collection boxes in the bottom to throw in any sample size items for donations. I really like having a hanging clear shoe organizer … [Read more...]

Cyndi’s OCD Stockpiling

Okay all your voyer's I'll give you a little peek in to my stockpile.  Know going in I'm a little OCD and a lot anal-retentive. One of the things that concerned me when I starting couponing was where were we going to store every thing. It was uber important to me that it be neat and organized. The problem is that we have very limited storage space, but I must admit hubby has been wonderful in helping me work it out. We had a closet in my step-son's room that wasn't really being used so hubby … [Read more...]