The Christmas Lights Are Shining Bright – My Favorite Light Display

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 The Christmas Lights Are Shining Bright – My Favorite Light Display


My favorite time of the year! I love all of the sights and sounds of the holiday season! It is the one time of the year where I feel it is appropriate to release my inner child!

One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season is going to as many Christmas light displays as I can! They noel2take me back to being a kid when my parents would take use to see them. Sometimes my parents would pack up my brother and I, and we would just drive around neighborhoods to see the awesome displays people would do at their homes! These memories are some of my most cherished ones of Christmas time with my family growing up. We were together, laughing, talking, and just enjoying being together as a family.

Now that I am all grown up and married, I still love to go see all the Christmas lights! My husband gives in to my inner child that comes out this time of the year, and we go to as many as we can.

One place we go every year is Noel Acadien Au Village. They have some beautiful lights they put up from the deer running through the trees, to the thousands of lights that are on all of the buildings, to all of the decorations. Of course, Santa is there also! If you are wondering, YES, I still go sit and talk to Santa! Some of my favorites are how they decorate the little chapel in the village, the alligator swimming in the pond, and of course, Santa and Rudolph rowing in their boat! So many beautiful lighting displays, it is hard to pick my favorites!

While there, we enjoy the live music they offer along with the food! They have everything from a meal of noel3jambalaya and gumbo, all the way to the giant pretzels, funnel cakes, and hot roasted peanuts. Oh, the hot roasted peanuts are my favorite.

They do charge a small admission fee to get in, but ALL of the money goes to an amazing organization we have called LARC. It helps kids and young adults with disabilities. They have schooling all the way to when they become adults and offers them assisted living in dorm type facilities. They teach them everything they need to know to live on their own and even get jobs to lead very productive lives!

There are several lighting displays in cities and town all over the country! Here are a few ways to find what your city has to offer!

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  • Check with your local Chamber of Commerce. They usually have all the up to date info of events in your city.
  • Look in your local newspaper under “community” or “local events”
  • Watch your local news, especially if your local new stations have an early morning show. They will give quite a bit of information.
  • Check the websites of your local news station. Most of them will have a Holiday section or an events section to show you everything that is happening in your local area.
  • Ask your friends and neighbors. If you are new to an area, they may be able to give you very helpful information.

You can also check out Wizard Michele’s List she compiled of some of the most famous displays across the country!

Most are free to go to! While some might charge an admission fee, or a donation that would go to a local charity or organization at the end, if you would like to donate something. I know we are a very giving “pay it forward” community here, and what better time to do so than the holiday season!


Let your inner child out and get out there and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season! It is over before we know it!

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