How to Clean a Glass Stovetop

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Clean a Glass Stovetop

How to Clean a Glass Stove top

Many people have newer ranges that have a glass stove top, rather than the metal ones . Although both

types of stove tops serve their purpose, each one must be cleaned differently due to the materials used

in the product itself. The metal-based stove tops can be cleaned with a soft abrasive cloth but the glass

stove tops cannot.

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Simple Tips for Cleaning a Glass Stove top

Clean Right Away- One tip for keeping a glass stove top clean is to clean up spills as soon as you are

finished cooking. This will stop the food particles from becoming caked on. keep a spray bottle near by

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to spritz the area with a 1 to 4 White vinegar to water solution and let sit a few minutes before wiping

up a dry spill.

Use Soapy Water and a Sponge- Many people seem to think that a glass stove top is hard to clean. It

can be if you allow the food to become caked on. However a simple soapy sponge will beutifully clean a

glass stove top . Just be sure to dry it with a clean towel to avoid streaking.

Use a Plastic scraper-  For those of you who have managed to let food spills build up on your glass stove

top, make sure that you have a plastic scraper on hand. use the Spray solution in step 1 to saturate the

area where the food buildup is. Let the solution soak into the food spill for 10 minutes. Then take the

plastic scrapper and apply light pressure and the hardened food spills without scratching the surface of

your glass stove top.

Utilizing the above tips will help you to clean your glass stove top safely and effectively. Remember to

do a cleanup as soon as you are finished cooking to eliminate the need for a longer clean up time.

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