Friday Couponing Tips – Where Do I Start?

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Couponing Tips Friday

Couponing Tips Tuesday - Where to StartSo, you’re officially a couponer or ready to become one. Now what? Explaining how to coupon is not an easy task. It’s a pretty easy concept, but explaining it in 10 words or less? Not gonna’ happen, as they say. The second question on your mind is probably, where do I get these coupons from? These couponing tips this week are going to hit on these two questions most asked by new couponers. If this is old hat to you, perhaps you’ll learn something new. I know I’m constantly learning things about this awesome way of life and note that I’m not calling it a hobby. It really is a lifestyle. So here goes.

Couponing Tips – I Have to Spend Money?

The basic idea to couponing is combining cents or dollars off coupons with store sales to get the best deal and High Value Coupon - $5 Purina ProPlan Catstocking up when the product is at its lowest price. Your purchased items make up what we call “your stockpile,” which we’ll get into down the road. Some stores also have their own coupons that you can stack with manufacturer coupons (plus that sale & stocking up), but that’s also for another post. For right now, just know that if you want to be a couponer, you’ll need manufacturer coupons before you can do anything.

You’re probably not going to want to hear this, but just like everything in life, it takes money to make money and couponing is no exception. HOWEVER, the money you end up saving will far outweigh the money you’re spending. Trust me on this one. It will take some time to get the lay of the land, and to practice, but once you’ve got it down, you’re going to love all the money you’ll be saving, despite having to spend a bit in the process.

Couponing Tips Tuesday - Where to Start Mag Glass 2Now when I mention “spending money,” you don’t have to outlay a ton of cash in search of coupons, you can start small. Printing coupons takes paper & ink, plus an Internet connection. To get the coupons in the Sunday paper, you have to buy papers. (Unless you like to dumpster dive or have a source willing to front them to you. Personally, dumpster diving is not my thing, and I don’t have a sugar daddy, so I buy newspapers.) Driving to the store takes gas, searching out the deals takes time. Money your time is worth, etc. You get my drift. Spend a bit at first, while you practice these couponing tips, gather “coupon momentum” as you learn the ropes and before you know it, like me, you’ll be drowning in coupons. Not a bad situation to be in, mind you. Now for this week’s assignment:

Couponing Tips Weekly Homework Assignment:
  1. Make a general list of products your family uses so you have a basis on which to search for deals.
  2. Buy 2 newspapers on Sunday for the coupon inserts. (See the schedule here to make sure which weeks have them)
  3. Print a few coupons here & there. We have a whole section, here, on the website, with links to printable coupons.
  4. Start looking at your store ads & get a general sense of sales happening this week and coupons you’ve already gathered that would go with them.
  5. If you’re feeling brave, try a deal. Match a coupon you have to a sale item you need & buy it.

I think that’s enough for your first introduction to couponing. You now have a basic idea of what couponing is and you also have a bit of Intel on where to start getting your coupons from. I’ll have a future post that gets more in depth about gathering coupons. Insert services, coupon clipping services, email address for companies; the list is extensive and I don’t want to overwhelm you at the beginning. Do your homework, practice these couponing tips and stay tuned for the next installment!

Until next time, Shop Happy!

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