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As you may have heard me mention in the past, my middle son Landon is an “ear guy”. From the time he was little he has had very sensitive ears. As a baby, we had to have tubes inserted in his ears to keep them from getting infected. Now that he is older, the sensitivity remains. Look at this picture below. Doesn’t he look miserable with those headphones on?

From This

From This

We have constant noise in our house. Anything we can do to reduce that is a huge plus for us as parents. It’s a nightmare trying to work in our office with the constant sounds of video game gunfire, brothers fighting, Ethan shrieking, Bentley barking, you get the drift. One way we have been able to cut down on the noise is by encouraging the boys to use headphones . With Grayson, it was a piece of cake. With Landon, not so much. Because he has such sensitive ears, it’s a nightmare trying to get anything at all put on his head. Until now. I was ecstatic when Brianne contacted me and asked if we would be willing to do a review for World Wide Stereo and their db Logic Over-Ear Headphones. If these things were as good as they say, one of my major problems with noise reduction would be solved! Plus, at 6 years old, Landon thinks he looks “pretty cool” and “like a DJ” in headphones. While we are not attempting to raise the next Pauly D., we do like to do our best to encourage the boys to be creative.

To This

To This

I was amazed at how quickly the headphones shipped once we agreed to do the review. However, I was even more amazed that Landon ripped them out of the packaging and immediately put them on his head. Few and far between are the times we will see Landon without his new headphones. They are well built, trendy and “comfortable”. What else could you ask for? I can go on and on about what a great product this is, but I don’t think I can do nearly as good a job as Landon, so I will let him tell you about them in the video below.


Use your head to think smarter, not harder. dBLogic headphones are the sound choice with a super-flexible design and crystal-clear sound. Their adjustable headband, swiveling phones and cushioned ear cups comfortably fit any head size. And using proprietary SPL2 Technology, they’re volume-limiting headphones that carry bass-rich, distortion-free sound while protecting your hearing long-term.
dBLogic headphones are compatible with all MP3, portable DVD and other media players, and laptops and aircraft entertainment systems playing MP3 and other audio files—for audiophiles expecting only smart sound quality. Also for your convenience, they’re lightweight and compact, work without batteries and come with a handy carrying case.


For children, teenagers and adults alike, dBLogic headphones and earphones offer:
·        High–performance sound quality
·        Compact and flexible design
·        Distortion–free SPL2 Technology
·        Physical comfort
·        Portable size and carrying case
·        Battery–free operation
·        85dB SPL Maximum Volume
·        38mm Speaker Diameter
·        3.5mm Plug Type
·        40mW Maximum Input Power
·        1.4m Cable Length
·        20Hz–20kHz Frequency Range

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db Logic is going above and beyond! They have issued us a HUGE discount for any of our loyal fans who would like to get a pair of these great headphones. Head over to db Logic and select one of the headphones and you can save up to 69% AND get yourself free shipping with coupon code WIZARD– you can pick up a pair of headphones for as low as $10.99! You can choose from ANY of the headphones you see here, but you must use the links in this post and the coupon code to get your discount!

BUT there’s more! They are giving away TWO pairs of headphones to one lucky winner! Make sure you enter below to see if you win one of these amazing prizes.

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  1. Michelle Schlund

    My 12 year old would just love these. He has headphones on when he plays his games and when he uses his tablet!

  2. Courtney Bonner says:

    I think this is awesome that you guys are giving away this amazing pair of headphones!

  3. Valarie says:

    I remember you mentioning about his ears and glad that there is a solution. He’s adorable & getting ready for those Wizard’s video’s, lol. My oldest has very sensitive ears, too. He was born a month early & that was the only issue that I had w/him. For 2 years straight, if the wind was to just blow at him, he would get infections. My hubby would think that I was an over-protective-mother when I would make him wear a light hooded jacket or light hat to cover his ears in the summer time. He’s never had to get tubes in his ears because he was lucky, but it’s in the family. I have 2 other ones that have sensitive ears, but not as bad. Years later, he still has issues w/sounds (which is fun w/the crew & a very vocal 4 yr. old girl, lol.) & the little ear plugs irritate him & other ear covering headphones bother him. I constantly catch him w/his hoodie on as he’s saying that the sounds are bothering him. This would be a perfect solution for him as he’s trying to get his work done & not be bothered by the little ones. I wonder if I should get a pair, lol. You offer such wonderful things & always know what to hit w/the lively hood of everyday living. Thank You very much for these great opportunities & I LOVE being a part of this community that does sooo much for others. THANK YOU !!!!!

  4. Dawn Cates says:

    My grandson has sensitive ears, has had to have tubes put in his ears and is still getting infections all the time. These would be great for him.

  5. My children would LOVE db Logic headphones!

  6. I hate headphones because they are too bulky, would love to try these

  7. saminder gumer says:

    i would give them to my nephew so he can play games and listen to his educational apps on the ipad.

  8. I spend a lot of time listening to music and with no one around wanting to listen to that same music I end up using headphones alot. I am always going through new pairs of headphones. My fave headphones are ones that only clip to your ears because I have a small head and all of the other ones fall off of my head.

  9. Always looking for cool headphones

  10. I would love these as I travel for my job and listen to audio books. These would be great!

  11. would work great for the kids when they want to listen to their music.

  12. Give them to my autistic son

  13. These would be for our little girls.

  14. michelle oakley warner says:

    i would give to my daughter when we are taking a drive and she is trying to watch a movie

  15. Give them to my son

  16. Michelle Cavanaugh says:

    Use them at work

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