DIY Valentine Floral Arrangements PT 3

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multi tuscan pots

Continued from: DIY Valentine Floral Arrangements part 1 and part 2.  On Monday I started a three day continuous post where I focused on three potting arrangements per day single plants with small pots simple and cheap enough to do in a day.  These are great for anyone, mom, dad, grandparents, sister, and friend or even for you.

Tuesday’s pots had multiple flowers in three unique mid-size potting containers you probably would not have considered before as outdoor pots, they had no holes in the bottom to allow for drainage.

For today’s last post, #3 I am using larger containers.  Tuscan, Classy and Rustic. (Above)

It should be noted that my drug stores and Walmart have flowers and supplies stocking now.  I printed high value coupons and never had the opportunity to go shopping because of work, and getting sick.  When I went out to restock I found my stores had the products on clearance and money makers.

single tuscan vasI found these old Tuscan pots years ago to make an interior arrangement for my mantel. I also bought large matching candle holders that eventually got turned into small pots (use a masonry drill bit).  Most women like to switch things up from time to time when in comes to interior design. If I get tired of using an inexpensive indoor decorative item I will eventually find a way to incorporate it into my garden, adds personality.  These Tuscan pots got used in so many ways I didn’t feel guilty at all using them for outdoors.  If I am hosting a dinner party I take the plants out of the two smaller pots, clean them up and put the candles back in.

floral dilicatelyThis pot was a surprise in my drive way one day along with a dozen others. I had two white self watering pots that fit into this beautiful pot.  I do have future plans for it but until that day comes I can switch this plant out. The white insert does not go all the way to the bottom so I feel good they won’t get over watered.  The stock and anemone flowers are one of my favorite spring flowers, such a lovely smell.

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Basket of flowers

Who says you can’t plant in a basket?  I collect all sizes because you can make nice gifts as long as you have florist fabric (Double or triple based on size) to line basket inside with , fill with dirt packing it tight.  The basket in this photo was from one of those gift baskets you get at the holidays. I placed a salvia, cyclamen, English daisies, stocks and pansies.


In all, I made 9 arrangements and used the rest of the stock and English daisies for me.  I bought four six packs at a $1.26, bought two plants at 3.29 ea.  I used MM coupons at Walmart.  I already had dirt and completely decomposed horse manure. Total cost for all 9 Was less than $12.00.  Go peak though your miscellaneous boxes you may get inspired enough to use your coupons in another way. 

Happy Valentines!


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