Don’t forget to use your shopkick application when you walk-in to stores!

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Click around on the Instant Surprises in the Shopkick app for iPhone and Android today and you might just find today’s double walk-in gift! You can gift this to a friend with an email or SMS (text) message. It will give your friend double kicks on their walk-ins!

I know it can be hard to remember, but you can earn lots of “kicks” (that you can turn into gift cards!) from just walking in to certain stores – you don’t have to buy anything! For example, yesterday I went to Old Navy and got 50 kicks just for walking in plus I used the 30% off coupon in the app! Plus if you spend $75 using your registered VISA (you must use it as credit, not debit and it must be registered on the shopkick application) you’ll get another 500 kicks!

Today Best Buy is offering 150 kicks to walk-in the store, plus 20 more kicks just to walk in the Digital Imaging area (with the cameras). Plus you can get 75 kicks when you spend $10+ or 1000 kicks when you spend $100+!!

Did you know shopkick is the #1 Shopping App used by more than 2 million people?! Shopkick is a FREE application that is available on iPhone and Android smartphones. It is another way to save money and get great deals without hardly doing anything! Shopkick rewards you for simply walking into certain stores (with your phone) or for using your smartphone to scan items in the store. You can redeem your rewards (called “kickbucks”) for gift cards, facebook credits, donations to charities, among others!

And now for the best part of the deal!! Join me and the other Wiz Kids on shopkick HERE and you will receive a $25 gift card! All you have to do is download the free app using the link I provided then complete your first “walk-in” at one of the participating stores! It’s as easy as that! Once you have downloaded the app, open it up and you’ll see a list of stores near you and some will say “walk in for xx kicks”. When you go to one of those stores, launch the app and click the store in the list. (You must actually walk in the store to collect the kicks.) Your walk-in kicks will be collected and your gift card will be on the way!

The greatest thing about Shopkick is that they have coupons and exclusive special deal offers within the application for many major retailers. They also have special Target coupons that you can stack with manufacturers coupons!

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Look at your application for deals on stores in your area – and don’t forget to open the application when you walk-in the stores!



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