Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat Plates Craft

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Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat Plates Craft

Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat Plates Craft

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These Dr Seuss Cat In The Hats plates look so cute when done! These are simple to make and you probably have everything you need already in your home. Grab the kiddos and have fun making this Cat In Hat Paper Plate Craft.

Dr Seuss Plate Supplies
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Red, and white, and black construction paper
  • Basic white paper plate

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Dr Seuss Plate Directions:
  1. Turn paper plate upside down.
  2. Using a pencil, or a black/gray crayon, color around the edges.
  3. Cut 4 narrow strips from the black construction paper to make whiskers, a small circular shape for the nose, and two small triangles for the ears.
  4. Glue onto paper plate.
  5. Draw in the eyes and mouth.
  6. Cut a simple hat shape from the white construction paper.
  7. Cut the red construction paper into strips.
  8. Glue the red strips onto the hat, trimming any excess.
  9. Glue the top of the hat onto the paper plate.
  10. The kids will love hanging this on their bedroom door!

Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat Plates Craft

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