February's Focus Is Financial Health- Starting Preparing Now

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February’s focus on Learning 2 Coupon is going to be financial health.    We have already started giving you information on budgeting and getting out of debt but we will be stepping it up in February.

Quite a few of the Wizards are working the Dave Ramsey plan.  We are in various stages so we will be able to give you different points of views from the different stages.  One thing that is recommended for the upcoming month is to read one of his books.  While Dave Ramsey has a few out it is recommended that you read Total Money Makeover.  This book is the “how to” of the series but covers the information covered in the others.  You can get Total Money Makeover used on Amazon to help save you a little money.

Another thing you should be doing to prepare if you plan on joining is to start tracking your spending.  It’s easier to know what you need to budget if you know what you spend.  This tracking will also allow you to see where you may be spending that can be cut back.  When I first started my budget I realized I was spending WAY too much at Starbucks.  This was one of the first places I was able to start cutting my spending.

You can go back and read the financial articles we have written so far and seatbelt in cause next month we are going to be on the financial fast track!

If you want to join those of us who are already starting to make babysteps towards financial health, come on over to the forum and introduce yourself!


  1. Great Recommendation on he Ramsey book. The title of the book is super catchy.

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