Felt Easter Egg Garland

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Felt Easter Egg Garland

Felt Easter Egg Garland


Felt Easter Egg Garland

4 to 8 different colors of craft felt
card stock or stiff paper for the egg shape template


sewing machine



Create an egg template by hand or print one and then cut out.  Use the template to create your felt eggs.  We cut four of each color used.


When the eggs are ready, decide on the order you would like the colors to and lay them out ahead of time in stacks by the sewing machine.  Use a decorative stitch, set to the largest size.  Try to space the eggs the same distance apart so they will fall nicely when hanging.

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We ran two lines on the eggs to give them a more decorated look. You may stay with one row of stitches or do as many as you would like.  Trim the loose threads and enjoy!

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