My Florida Adventure With The Wizard Family

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My Florida Adventure With The Wizard Family

As most of you know, I was able to go to Tampa, FL last week and spend a week with David, Andrea, the kids, and the whole Wizard Family! Before I got there, David warned me it was a true reality show in their house, lol but I was prepared, and he did not lie! It was an adventurous week, but I loved every minute of it!

The first day started out a little bumpy when my flight out of my hometown was delayed which meant I missed a connecting flight in Atlanta which put me almost 2 hours late for my Tampa arrival, but all was still good!


The 2nd day, my friend and fellow Wizard Admin, Michele was able to come up for a couple of days to visit also! It was awesome having her visit! We shopped, all had dinner together, weathered a thunderstorm, and chatted the night away! Michele also made a new friend! David and Andrea’s son, Ethan, never left Michele’s side! They were instant friends!

Sadly, Michele could only stay one night, but we had fun during the time she was able to visit and I am so happy I was able to  meet her and spend time with her! I am a very lucky and blessed person to have her as my friend!


Now onto some more fun!! We went to see Brad Paisley Friday night! Talk about a GREAT Night!! He was amazing! Had some drinks, watched an amazing concert, life was great!

Well, on Sunday, the real chaos started. LOL Oh what a day Sunday was! Where to begin! I worked all morning at the Insert Insanity Warehouse filling orders for all you awesome people and had a great time doing it! When we got back to David and Andrea’s house is when the real fun started Sunday! Miss Caroline was napping, then Andrea put Ethan in his room for a nap. Well, a nap was not what Ethan had in mind for Sunday afternoon! LOL After a while, and hearing him play, she decided to just let him get up and that way he would not wake up Caroline! When she got into his room, she stopped dead in her tracks! Ethan came running out of his room, he had pooped!! He had it on his hands, and ran up to his Daddy to show him! Then the real adventure when Andrea had to throw him in the tub and David had to clean the walls in his room. Apparently, he was bored playing and painted part of the wall with…well, you can guess!

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This is the same day that Miss  Caroline learned how to climb onto the coffee table. Andrea and I turned around to see her standing proudly on top of it and laughing! I learned quickly how fast she can run when she gets something she is not suppose to have. lol

Let’s just say as soon as the kids went to bed that night, it did not take long for David, Andrea, and I to go through a couple of pitchers of Margaritas!

Oh, and that storm I mentioned Thursday knocked out the internet, cable, and phone. Yes, it was bonding time in the house with 2 days of no TV, and no internet. lol


Ethan had his FIRST day of School Tuesday! He was absolutely adorable and so excited! I will let David talk more about that!

All in all, I had the BEST time! Andrea and David treated me like family! I can’t thank them enough for everything during that week! They took me to some awesome restaurants, and cooked some excellent dinners! I had real Cuban food for the first time and some to die for Seafood!! It was controlled chaos, but it could not have been a better trip in any way possible! I am blessed to be able to call them my friends!

I was sad when I had to go to the airport to come home, but I am hopeful to make it back down again soon!


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