FREE MONEY From CapitalOne 360! Get $50 to Jumpstart Your Christmas Savings!

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Click here to open your account and earn your $125 Cash Bonus!

There is NO minimum deposit amount required for the checking bonus!  I opened mine with $25.00!

Get $50.00 cash bonus from CapitalOne 360, formerly ING Direct! If you have been following this page for any length of time, you know that I have been a huge fan of the Electric Orange Account from ING Direct. Going forward it will be known as 360 Checking. They run this promotion throughout the year. This is the original promotion that got me to sign up for my first account years ago, and it has been a favorite of the Wiz Kids for a long time now. Why pay full price by putting your gifts on layaway when you can get a $50 bonus to start saving now and pay cash when the time comes? Instead of letting your money work for the retailers, let it work for you! By making the same payments you would make for a layaway purchase, you can not only have the cash to pay for your Christmas gifts, but you can earn an additional $50 bonus to help pay for them! This is a NO BRAINER!

It’s not like they make you move mountains to get the bonus either. All you have to do is open your account here. Then, within 45 days, you need to make five pin transactions with your 360 Checking debit card, or you can do 5 CheckMate(sm) deposits with your smartphone, or, you can mix and match if your heart desires. On day 50, you get your $50.00! That’s it! I bought five packs of gum at Walgreens for less than $1.00 each and got a $50.00 for doing the transactions! With the New Year being right around the corner, this is a great place to start your emergency fund or your accrual account if you want to pay cash for your next vehicle!

There are no strings attached to this deal. There are no fees unless you use an ATM that isn’t part of their network of 38,000 ATMs nationwide, so you really have to try to gain fees from them. I can’t say enough good things about them. You have all heard me sing the praises of Amex Serve and were still a little skeptical until you saw that $25.00 show up in your account 5 minutes later. This offer has been around longer and is equally as trustworthy. PLUS you get double the bonus you get with Serve!


Adding money is a breeze too! You can do an ACH transfer from an existing bank account, or, you can use the smartphone ap and snap a pic of your check and deposit it from home! Direct deposit and scheduled transfer options are also available, but there are no minimums so you don’t have to add a dime after your initial deposit if you choose not to!


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If you are still a little bit old fashioned like me, you can also get a checkbook from them.  I don’t write a ton of checks with them because I use this account as an accrual account for future expenses.  The check I do write are for larger ticket items so it’s nice to know that I have the ability to write a check for a big purchase as opposed to having to juggle money or deal with daily max spending limits on a debit card.



  1. neat idea–thx for posting

  2. havig a hard time registering for this–went thru all the process and wldn’t go thru. :(

  3. It says you will need checking account information and to transfer a deposit from your checking into the account first as part of the instructions.

    • The Wizard says:

      You only need to make a small transfer. That’s how you get the money into the account to do the debit card transactions for the $50.00 bonus.

  4. So, is it a $50 bonus or a $100 bonus? I’m confused since you mentioned both. Thank you!

    • The Wizard says:

      It’s $100. I must have missed one of the 50′ in my post. It should show the $100 on the big picture at the top too.

      • The Wizard says:

        I just went back and re-read the post line for line three different times and I can’t find any reference at all to a $50.00 bonus in the post. Can you tell me where you saw that?

  5. Yolimar says:

    I just clicked on the link and the page it takes me to says: $50 dollar bonus after day 50.

  6. Yolimar says:

    It looks like there are two different “links” in the post, the last one actually takes you to a page that says get $100. Going to try this out. Thank you!!

    • The Wizard says:

      That’s weird. Thanks for letting me know. if you click on the big pic at the top, it should take you right to it. I am going to switch all of the other links out now. Thanks again!

  7. Heather says:

    Do you need to be a new customer?

  8. Do You have to put in 500 to get the bonus?

    • The Wizard says:

      You do not have to put $500 to get the bonus on the checking. You do have to put $500 for the savings. I think I only put in 25 bucks when I did my checking.

  9. I like the sound of this, but how does it help for Christmas? It takes fifty days to get the bonus. >_> (Not that $125 free dollars is a BAD thing though, mind you…) xD

  10. Just as a heads up your bonus will have to be applied to your taxes at tax time!

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