Free Kids Workshops Courtesy of the Home Depot.

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Are you looking for a free but unique experiences to share with your child? The Home Depot has a really neat and exciting workshop just for the Jr. DIY. Each workshop is geared towards children between the ages of 5-12 and are offered on the first Saturday of the month, from the hours of 9A.M to Noon. The main focus of the workshops is to teach children basic tool safety and to install self pride. At the end of the workshop, each child gets to keep there project of the month. Along with a workshop apron, certificate of accomplishment and commemorative pin that can be fastened to the apron.

This past month Kayla and I spend a little daddy daughter time, and Kayla built herself a piggy bank in the shape of a yard barn. Everything needed for the project came in a kit and we simply put it together. I think my little Jr. DIYer like painting her yard barn the most. each side along with the roof received a different color. It was a real blast watching her putting her own unique touches onto the bank.

Just the other day Kayla and I looked and this months Home Depot Kids Workshop preview, and from the way she lit up I think she’s going to enjoy this workshop better than last months.

What do you do to build memories with your kids when you’re living on a budget?


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