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How do we keep up with Autumn outdoor chores during the busiest time of year?  Your kids are back in school with sports or other activities that has your time stretched thin by the time you get home, have dinner and do homework.

I’ve been asked in the past why should I rake my leaves if they just keep falling?

  • Small piles are easier to deal with.
  • Use as  mulch for your garden beds.
  • Reduces risk of grass disease.
  • Reduces risk of insects and critters making your yard their home.

September 22nd signaled the coming of autumn and we want to get our chores done as quickly as possible because the last three months of the year we are just too busy.  If Autumn outdoor chores are tackled a little each day or if you tackle it as a group family you can get through this task relatively painless and freeing up your time for other things.

Start an Autumn outdoor chores list to tackle on a chalk board; enlisting everyone in the family, flip a coin to see who gets to choose the first chore on the list, selecting the chore each wants one at a time.  When you’re done with the list everyone knows what their duty is and it can be attacked as if it were a game.

Typical Chores:

  • Raking / Blowing Leaves (make sure to clear under bushes carefully on low settings).
  • Cut down dead flowers, if possible save seeds in small brown paper bags for next year. Do not put in plastic bags as they will get moldy.
  • Dig up and remove diseased plants.
  • Plant / divide bulbs, rhizomes and perennials (put some in pots) and trees.  If you have been waiting to propagate roses, fuchsias, and many other plants now is the time while the weather is mild. If you have a greenhouse or cold frame they will protect them and give them added warmth during the winter.
  • Clean and store patio furniture.
  • Check windows and exterior doors to see if you need to re-caulk or replace seals. This will save you money during the winter on your electric bill.
  • In areas that have to worry about freezing weather drain and store garden hoses, inspect & install if necessary. insulating covers on exterior spigots and exposed pipes and have sprinkler systems blown free for water.
  • Checks gutters and clear of debris.
  • Check & clean downspouts to ensure they are draining properly with no blockage.

While doing your outdoor Autumn chores don’t forget to look around and enjoy the colors in the trees and the berries on the bushes.  The beauty around us is a gift from God.

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Happy Gardening ~



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