Gingerbread Haunted House Decorating Fun!

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Our Family Fun Activity featured turning a Gingerbread House Kit into a Haunted House for Halloween. The kids had a blast making this eerie (and messy) house.

Haunted House Fun

Earlier in the week, I had to make an unplanned shopping trip for Halloween-themed candies. You see, I bought the kids a couple of Gingerbread House kits at Costco (to decorate next month). While I took the time to answer the phone and give my sister some travel information, they opened the kits. Being that it was too early to decorate for Christmas, I decided to make one kit into a haunted house.

DIY Haunted House

What started out as an organized fun activity for the kids, quickly turned into fun chaos as 6 little hands tried to add their personal touches to their haunted house.

Haunted House Vision

 This is what I envisioned, this is what my kids created.

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