Glow In The Dark Halloween Ghosts

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freeform ghost

I found a picture of a ghost somewhere on the internet made from chicken wire and immediately said I have to have one, I can see three uniquely different projects using the framework of this ghost so don’t pack it away.  I plan to turn my ghost into an angel for Christmas and I have plans for the spring,  I will share as each season changes.  I made one from scratch using my limited sewing skill though out process.  Although the ones I saw on the internet were different from mine, mine has easy steps that anyone can do, I provide you a pdf file to download and print large scale.

NOTE: Have this pdf file printed at Kinko’s or any print shop that can handle large format printing.  The pattern is on a 36″ x 48″ sheet of paper when printed at actual size.  The pattern may be scaled to any size your would like be it half size or any other percentage you would like to make it.

What you need to make your ghost:

  • Save the download of the pdf to a either a cd or usb drive and go to your local printer to print a copy.  Most printing stores such as  Kinkos or any local store can print your pattern to size for you.  Call ahead and ask if you can email the file and have the print ready for pickup later saving you time.
  • Chicken wire or some sort of fine mesh.  Note in the picture the difference between the two, and you use less paint with a finer mesh.
  • Cut the small metal circle from a tomato cage (do not cut the wire circle).
  • Glow in the dark paint – Spray paint or bottled paint. Please see application choices at bottom of post.  NOTE: Michaels is your best friend when buying supplies, you can print your coupon or find in your local sales ad.
  • You need small stones, paper weights, anything small and heavy.


Cut the two pieces of your pattern and put aside.  Roll out the chicken wire and bend to straighten as best as you can, this is probably the most difficult part of the project. Once your able to straight lay the pattern onto the chicken wire and place your small heavy stones to keep it in place and as flat as possible.

When you snip each wire go outside the pattern to snip (about 1 inch) this will give you excess wire you will need on each side to wrap and twisting the finished the seams.

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Start by attaching the top of the skirt to the ring from a tomato cage, the smallest circle is best. This is when the excess wire you cut will help to wrap and twist from side to side using straight wire wrapping to solid chicken wire circles.  Always twist the sharp edges to the inside.

That was easy, right?  O.K. now do the same thing, using the same tomato cage ring by attaching the bottom of the bodice to it and finish the back seam just like the bottom half. Go around the top side of the bodice and bend sharp edges down towards back so no one can hurt themselves.

Viola~ you have the body of the ghost, easy-peasy right?  Not done yet, decide what type of glow in the dark paint you want, brush on or spray on.  I was in a rush so I chose the spray which at first seemed the cheaper way out, but because the holes are so big on chicken wire you lose use a lot of paint, whereas if you paint it on with a sponge it takes more time.

You don’t have to use only chicken wire, I found a piece of small gauge wire that was awesome to make a small ghost with I didn’t need a ring for this ghost as it was strong enough to maintain it’s own shape.

NOTE: (if you have too much chicken wire while going around the tomato ring chances are  you’re using the wrong side)



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