At Home Dry Cleaning – Save Yourself a Bundle!

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At Home Dry Cleaning – Save Yourself a Bundle!

At Home Dry Cleaning – Save Yourself a Bundle!

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Many people spend lots of money on their dry cleaning bills. However, you could save yourself a bundle by to Dry Clean Clothes at home. Follow these simple steps below so you can start making it at home and save yourself a bundle of cash.


Homemade Dry Cleaning Solution-

For items that you normally dry-clean, you can hand wash them to freshen them up. Choose an environmentally friendly laundry detergent to make your own dry cleaning solution. Take this product and dilute it with water. Use 1 cup water, 3 tablespoons vodka and 1 Tablespoon unscented dish soap.
Dampen the garment with the homemade dry cleaning solution, paying extra attention to areas that are stained and soiled like the sleeves and collar and arm pits. Use a sponge to apply the solution evenly throughout the rest of the garment but do not over saturate the Item.

Place the item in a clean, damp white pillowcase and close off the top with a rubber band. Then toss the pillowcase into the dryer with the setting on low. Allow it to tumble dry for approximately 15 minutes. Remove the item while warm and hang to complete the drying process. You can steam out any wrinkles left after the cleaning and sanitizing process. By creating a dry cleaning solution to dry clean your clothes at home you will save yourself lots of money on your dry cleaning bill. You should take note that this homemade recipe for dry cleaning solution is not recommended for leather items and that you should be extra cautious with wool.

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