Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

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The Halloween countdown has begun! Before you head out to the store and spend a lot of money on costumes that everybody else will be wearing, why not look around your home, craft boxes and junk drawers for inspiration? Some of my favorite costumes have been ones that I have made for my kids.

Not being able to find a decent Aang costume for my son, I decided to make one myself. The triplets were only 2 years old at that time and this costume turned into a never-ending project. I loved how it all turned out, even his shaved head!

Homemade Halloween Costumes

Does your little girl want to be a princess this year? Save money and make a tutu into a princess/fairy skirt.

Wheelchair Halloween Costume Ideas:

I know there are lots of wheelchair costume ideas floating all over the internet, but I wanted to share with you, what I believe are the most creative creations I have ever seen. These were all created by Super Mom Kimberly Bell Saumier.

Wheelchair Costumes

Old Man in the Tub – This is one of my favorites!

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Best Wheelchair Costumes

Operation Board Game – This is so creative!

Wheelchair Halloween Costume Ideas


 Costume Ideas for Kids:

Homemade Halloween Costumes

 Colorful and Easy Crayon Costumes – All you need is black felt and colored long johns to turn your kids into a crayon!

DIY Halloween Costumes

Turn a plain old cardboard box into a Hot Air Balloon Costume!

DIY Lego Costume

I cannot find the source for this picture. I think this is pure genius to make a Lego costume using household items. Looks like his head is a made out of a big jar of pickles, cardboard body and paint.

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