HOT Giveaway! Win TEN 2014 Enjoy the City CITY Books from The Coupon Wizards and Enjoy the City!

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Use coupon code WIZARDS at checkout!

Use coupon code WIZARDS at checkout!

If you have not heard of Enjoy the City, you will soon! Those of us in the Southeast with Publix and Winn-Dixie LOVE these books because we get (4) $5/$30 purchase coupons for Winn-Dixie in each one! We can use them at Winn-Dixie but we can also use them at Publix as competitor coupons! But wait! There’s more! In addition to the grocery store coupons (which make them worth the investment single-handedly) there are coupons for sporting goods stores, restaurants and a variety of area attractions.

Wonder if they have your city? Take a look at the map below!

ETC Cities


Wanna see what they had in the 2013 book so that you can get an idea of the type of savings you may have in your area?  CLICK HERE and locate your city on the map!

If you don’t feel lucky and want to GUARANTEE big savings, you check out this awesome deal that we posted about last week! It’s still live today! Make sure you use coupon code WIZARDS at checkout to get the full savings!


Please note that these books do not expire until December 2014. These are the CITY books, NOT the Ultimate Florida book. The prize will not ship until after October 1, 2013.

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  1. katharina carter says:

    i plan on using them to save on groceries!!! especially MEAT! (sarasota bradenton)

  2. Martha Balderson says:

    Thanks for chance to win.

  3. You guys/gals are amazing!

  4. Lee carter says:

    I plan on using them to save on razors and vitamins! Tallahassee

  5. Brandi Anderson says:

    I want to get some of these!! I have not used any yet!!

  6. Brooke Hoke Parr says:

    I use these every time I shop. I never spend more than $40 on groceries. I use the Tallahassee, FL books.

  7. Use them to buy groceries for my family

  8. Jennifer L says:

    i would use to combine with the running in running out promotion at publix to save even more. thanks! Orlando Edition or Florida Ultimate

  9. I love to save money using the $5/30 on groceries at Winn Dixie and Publix. Love to save that $$!

  10. use them for my groceries and other fun activites

  11. i’d love them to save on groceries! would get fresh produce

  12. I plan on using them for groceries (mobile)

  13. sheila erickson says:

    i always score great deals using these coupons. love them. ocala,fl

  14. I will use them on meat and produce :)

  15. Buying more groceries for my family. I am currently trying to fill the freezer before school starts

  16. Love being able to save money! Thanks for all of your help!

  17. My in-laws live in Bradenton and we have visited the Winn Dixie there. Great way to save in the city!

  18. Mary Allison

    Not sure what savings I can get, hopefully some good national deal, does not show my local area. (Florence)

  19. The closest one to me would be Tallahassee! I would so love those winn-dixie coupons and the free chick-fil-a!

  20. I can’t wait to use them with other coupons to make the savings even bigger!!

  21. stephanie thames says:

    i would use them on my groceries ……..

  22. Danielle says:

    I plan to use them to save on groceries!

  23. Nancy Pitu

    To be honest I only use the Winn Dixie coupons from the books no matter what city I get, usually the ones from the Wiregrass area sold out really quick and I haven’t get a chance to buy any of them yet. I use the WD coupons in almost every transaction to lower my Out of pocket and pay less for meats, dairy products, meats and things that we don’t have coupons so any day getting any savings its better than paying full price :) thanks for the giveaway :)

  24. Karen

    Oh I would love to get these so I can save more on my groceries at Winn Dixie and Publix. So far I have to depend on when Publix put out theirs in the papers and order from the great WIZCLIPZ … this would deff. be a bonus. (Polk County, Davenport)

  25. Really I just use them for the Winn Dixie…I never seem to be able to get my area when there is a good deal on them (Wiregrass) :(

  26. Brandi ferguson

    I love using the WD qs. It helps get my outta pocket LOOOWWWW!!!!! I can’t buy the books due to them not having them for my area (Dothan). I have to resort to ebay to get my qs.

    • jacci leslie says:

      Brandi, you can buy from any city, not just the one you live in. Granted the other coupons probably won’t do you any good, but the Winn Dixie ones are not city specific- The Ultimate books are usually the ones that go on the best deal. There is one for Florida and I think one other state (It may actually be Alabama) So don’t feel like you have to pay over inflated prices on ebay to get them.

  27. I love using the WD coupons to make my oop even lower. It helps get the staple items we don’t get other coupons for. I would love the SW FL City books..thanks!!

  28. Carmen Evan says:

    I would use the Winn-Dixie coupons for groceries and any other coupons available in the book for outings with my kids. We homeschool and are always looking for hands on things!

  29. Carmen Evan says:

    Forgot my location…Orlando area.

  30. Tina Shifflett says:

    I would use them for groceries and the Dick’s coupons for Christmas!!

  31. Tonya Wismer says:

    I would use the coupons from Winn-Dixie to save at Publix to keep the costs down seeing my family of 5 are all now Gluten Free with me and the food is costly! The girls love ice skating and bowling and so does my Autistic son ! Lots of family fun things we can all do together which is rare because my son dosent just have Autism he has Epilepsy too !

  32. Laurey Byrd

    I love Winn Dixie and I have bought these books for the last 2 years when they run their specials. I buy the Mobile/Baldwin County or Gulf Region books and the Ultimate books

  33. I could use these to maximize the savings David has taught me how to do.

  34. jacci leslie says:

    The Winn Dixie are the ones I would use the most. If the 2014 Orlando one has the BOGO for IFLY indoor skydiving, we would probably use that one- great bribery tool for all straight As for Ryan. He took a buddy and they had a blast.

  35. Bristol Choate says:

    I currently live in an area that has a Winn-Dixie, Publix or the books. However, my mother lives in the Wiregrass area and I would give her some of the coupons and save some for my visits to the area! I would get a FL/AL book or one for the Dallas or San Antonio, Texas area because I plan to be moving back to Texas next summer!

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