How to Make a Plaster Mold of Your Child’s Handprint

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This is a beautiful way to preserve your child’s handprint! No children? You can also follow the same steps for a paw print. After making homemade chalk with the kids, I started looking for other crafts we could make using Plaster of Paris. The best part is that you don’t have to buy an expensive kit at the store!

Handprint Keepsake

 What you will need:

1. Mix together 2 cups Plaster of Paris with 1 cup of Plaster of Paris and stir until smooth. I used an old yogurt container to mix mine up, since I could throw it away when I was done. As soon as you’re done mixing, pour onto paper plate.
Plaster for Handprint
2. After about 5-10 minutes, the plaster will be ready for your child’s hand. If you try too soon and it doesn’t stay, simply tap the side of the plate until it smooths out and try again in a few minutes. Be sure to wash your child’s hands immediately after placing handprint on plaster. If you want to hang your child’s handprint, stick a straw into the plaster and leave it there until it dries. You can also add their name, date by using the tip of a paper clip.
3. Let your handprint keepsake dry overnight before removing from plate. To remove from plate, cut or tear the paper plate away and remove and discard straw. Place a pretty ribbon and hang.

**Have your child open their hand and allow you to slowly press into the plaster and slowly remove. Kids can be quick to remove their hand and cause the handprint to mess up.

**If you have little ones who may not cooperate with the plaster and opening their hands, this is a really great idea using playdough to make a 3-D handprint mold.

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