IHOP Rewards Program

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IHOP Rewards Program

IHOP Rewards Program is now being offered in select cities!

What is it?

When you sign up for the program you will begin earning money towards your next visit. For every $100 you spend you will get $10 to spend at IHOP on your next visit.  Get your card from your local IHOP that is participating and register it on the site. It’s really quick and easy to sign up.

How do you use it?

When you check out ask the cashier about the program and get a card if you already have the card just get it swiped at the checkout line as you pay. All you need to do is go online and sign up to begin receiving savings. The cashier also said we will begin receiving coupons and that will be a plus. What is one more loyalty card? I know you already have a collection of loyalty cards being a savvy Wiz Kid but this one will help out on those restaurant bills that can get high if you have a large family. We hardly ever eat out but when we do IHOP is one of the restaurants we visit because kids eat free after 4pm! This is a great deal because now the kids will eat free and you can earn money towards a future visit. Click here now to enter your zip code to see if your city is participating.

IHOP Rewards Program


  1. Andrea Leonard says:

    I am trying to set up my card for rewards however it does not seem to want to let me it keeps asking me for my pin and I have not started the account yet what do I do?

    • Sorry for the late reply, but my guess is call the 1800 number. Most likely it was a card that an employee was swiping for customers that didn’t have the card. Here’s the number from their rules section: 1-866-444-5144

  2. Loretta McNitt says:

    I have a rewards card that registered for 3 months (used successfully) and now tells me I am not registered. I have returned to the web, as I was told to do, and tried to reregister but get a poor response over and over again. We eat at our local IHOP 2 or 3 times week and have $185.00 credits that will not be accepted. Do you people have any idea how frustrating that is? Is this card any good or not. Card # 0380800001448048. If it does not work I will cut it up. It only worked three times.

  3. Every time I go to the same IHOP they are taking my IHOP rewards card, but I am not getting back my same card the reason I know my points don’t add up right
    My suggestion to your customers is put your name on your card and make a copy
    so now I have made a copy of the back of the card they gave me today lets see what happens next time
    unless you can tell me how to go on line to see what dates are showing on the card I have
    I keep all my receipts so I know when I went to IHOP etc

  4. Nelda Allen says:

    I am trying to sign up my rewards card. It keeps saying that it is invalid. How can I get it signed up?

    • Like most people that have had problems, I would suggest contacting their customer service department for the program and seeing about getting it resolved. Here’s the number that I was able to find:

      Here’s the number from their rules section: 1-866-444-5144

  5. angie gonzalez says:

    Where can I register my rewardscard? I have many points but I don’t know where register it! help me please

  6. Petra Stolte says:

    Seams like everyone has problems with registrations. Not nice

  7. This is late but.. the pin is your card # last 4 digits. hth! (:

  8. I DID AS WAS SUGGESTED..IHOP.com/Rewards/ was not able to register my card ? what am I doing wrong.

    • I’m not sure what the issue is. I do see from the comments that a lot of people are having trouble registering. I would call their 800# and get some assistance from them – 1-866-444-5144

  9. This is too much trouble. If you really want us to use this, why don’t you make it user friendly. I liked the old punch cards, no trouble at all. Easier to just eat at Village Inn and not deal with the hassle!

  10. I’m at the http://www.IHOP.com/Rewards site and have registered, but can’t find a place to enter my rewards card information. Where is it located? (I have a card, just can’t figure out where to enter the #.

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