Insert Insanity 10,000 Fan Celebration and Giveaway

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Insert Insanity has hit a milestone! We are ecstatic to have reached 10,000 fans on Facebook. As our followers know, when we reach milestones, we party big time! To commemorate this awesome achievement, we are going to award one lucky winner a 6 pack of inserts each week for 6 months. While the monetary value of the prize is only worth a little less than $400, the savings you will achieve over time but using these coupons will be in the thousands. Entry into this giveaway is simple. Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Lisa Hebert says:

    Love Insert Insanity! Love the Wizards! This is such a generous giveaway! Many, many thanks!

  2. woo-hoo! That is all!

  3. They will help us put more money into our savings budget by saving money at the store and saving money from buying inserts!

  4. Ashley B

    It will help save us money on groceries, and be able to put the money into savings!

  5. brittany m doerfler

    theywil save us tons of money

  6. Lisa Hebert says:

    these would help us so much with the holidays coming! I get a 6 pack each week and if I were to win, that is 6 months worth of inserts for free and I could use the money I would normally spend on inserts for Christmas shopping. Cash only Christmas! Not to mention, the amazing savings I will get at the store using the coupons!!!

  7. tasha vansickles says:

    i love your coupons! we never get the good ones in our area! they help alot when u actually get the ones or the values that work!!!

  8. Randi Greene

    We will save tons of money with our shopping and be able to donate to organizations locally. We have a cat rescue we love taking things to and couponing helps us do that.

  9. samantha

    Hope we win could really use them with the new baby of the house :)

  10. It will help put food on our table! My husband and I are both in college, and I have a slight issue of not being able to turn away any animals that need help and love… Couponing helps keep my husband and I in house hold necessities (we grow a lot of our own fruits and veggies, and have chickens for eggs!) AND helps feed all my animals, and I still find a way to get something extra to donate to either the food bank or the animal shelter (or both if I can get some amazing deals!)

  11. Jennifer Lubert says:

    WOW!!!!! Hope i win!!!

  12. I use coupons not only to help my family but to help others. We will be able to save money, get items for cheap or free and then use them and donate them.

  13. I will be able to not only help my extended family but will be able to donate more to other organizations. I love to donate to help others.

  14. We could use the money we save to pay down our debts.

  15. Karen Kasper

    The inserts would really help us to save money, we live in a rural area and don’t get good inserts.

  16. I would love love <3<3 love these. The money saved coul;d be mind blowing if used correctly.

  17. I would be able to further help my whole extended family

  18. dianne clark says:

    it would help me to continue to help my son and his family.

  19. We could use the money we save to pay off our debts.

  20. actually i will only keep one set for my sefl the rest will go to a friend and my churches food closet (yes we coupon for our church lol)

  21. patty radice says:

    what a great opportunity and wouldn’t you know that i get exactly 6 papers every week :)

  22. These coupons would benefit my family more than you would know. I might could even donate some food nd items to help a family this year.

  23. This would help immensely.. my father has just became 100% disable and his business is about to shut down. I will be able to teach my mother how to coupon and save money.

  24. Free 6 pack inserts for 6 months would be awesome. Only way to win them is to enter.

  25. Mary Nichols says:

    Being on social security, we have to watch all our pennies! These coupons will help so much.

  26. Winning these inserts would mean that I would have enough q’s to stock up when a food deal comes around rather than only being able to buy a couple of an item. With two young kids, a couple does not last long enough to last until next time the deal comes back around.

  27. they will help put food on the table and provide all the other life necessities in the 1 income household! thanks for all you do for everyone!!

  28. Candice Wilson says:

    THIS IS FANTASTIC! It will help me save money, especially with Christmas in a few months!!

  29. These will help my family so I can use newspaper money on something else

  30. Jennifer Gray

    I will give them to help others

  31. I would love to win!! Love being able to use coupons to save money!!

  32. Trying to save enough each month to be able to afford a fuel economy vehicle! 250 miles a week is a fortune in gas!!!

  33. This will help restock the freezer and fridge after power outage ruined everything!!!

  34. This would be so awesome! Thank you!

  35. Marguerite Miller says:

    Wow! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize! And congrats on hitting 10,000!!! These coupons would help me greatly! Being out of work from an illness, and my husband cutting his hours to help care for me has really taken a toll on our family! I save quite a bit of money using coupons, but usually only get one set each week!

  36. If we win, our family would be able to use the money normally spent on newspapers for coupons to save a bit at a time to start our emergency fund. Plus, that’s more inserts than we can normally afford which means more savings which equals more food for our family! Thank you for this opportunity!

  37. I would love love to win this it will go a long way in paying off my debt!!!

  38. What would I do without the wizards?

  39. This would be awesome to win!

  40. Awesome! You guys really do help everyone else out with your couponing! Thanks so much!!!!

  41. Virginia Forrest says:

    This would be so awesome!!!

  42. If i win I will be able to coupon for my family of 6, plus help out my daughter’s marching band on concession nights, AND be able to participate (ok more like dominate) the upcoming food drives!!

  43. Robyn Witty says:

    I would love to win these! Pick me! Pick me!

  44. it would help tremedously being that im a sahm on a limited income!

  45. Susan Clark says:

    I shop for 4 families and so I t would help in more more than can be put into words. I also love giving coupons to the senior citizens in the stores to help with their purchases.

  46. Jennifer Riley says:

    I love saving money for my family!

  47. Tanya Park

    This would be huge for my family and i- i would also be able to share with several good friends that are also getting hooked on couponing. times are tough for all and this would ease things a whole lot :)

  48. Nancy Pitu

    It would help us a lot to pay our debt on credit cards quicker because the money budgeted for inserts would go straight to pay cards :)) Also we would keep saving money using coupons for our groceries and other needs. Can’t say thanks enough and I wish we could win this prize!!!!

  49. Laura Borsa says:

    This would definitely help my family since we’re on a tight budget!

  50. living in a small town that does not get a state or even a county newspaper, I depend on you guys for my coupons. I love this site, and just want to thank you for all that you do… Winning this would be so great. We all need to save.

  51. If we would win, It would not only benefit my family, but at Christmas time we donate most of our stock pile to local food banks, so we all have a warm meal for the holidays

  52. I shop for a few people but if would help me so much with the gas prices being higher and that makes the food price even higher i would save so much

  53. Andrea Wilson says:

    With Christmas coming up, I like to save up as much money as possible to buy Christmas dinner for at least one family in the area who wouldn’t have a Christmas dinner otherwise. I want to try to up the number to two families this year and even try to find some presents.

  54. David Pender says:

    It’ll help save tons, of course. And anything I can get cheap that we don’t use, or have enough of, we like to donate them locally! Thanks for the chances in this great giveaway!

  55. My husband has been out of work for quite awhile due to illness. These coupon inserts would help our family so much. You dont even know how much I would appreciate these.. Love couponing..

  56. My husband just got laid-off from his job so it will help us stretch our budget .

  57. These coupons will help my family get closer than ever being free of debit. Thank you wizards for everything yall do for us.

  58. Winning will mean more savings and less headaches for me and my family.

  59. Tammy Lewis

    This would help me buy food and save money since I am on SSDI disablility….

  60. Thank you so much for this offer

  61. Sheralle D. says:

    I am a single working mother just trying to survive in this crazy world. These coupons would allow me to provide for my son and I without all the stress and worrying about how to make ends meet. I and currently searching for job with higher earning potential, but until then, this would help a great deal.

  62. My family is having horrible money problems right now and this would help us out SO much! We would be able to buy things we need like diapers and soap without having to go to assistance places to get these basic items, while also being able to help others with the coupons we are not able to use. Thank you for this opportunity! 😀

  63. Lori Conquest says:

    They will help me afford things we need and want.

  64. i could help out my mo alot more

  65. Gina Oaf

    would love to win some inserts….Newly stay at home mom looking for some good deals!!

  66. Leah Shumack says:

    It would definitely help us because I’d be able to save a little bit of money that I would normally be spending on coupons each week and great right now with Christmas coming fast!

  67. If I win these coupons will further my savings allowing me to build up my emergency fund and envelope system for cash spending only …learned from the master wizards of course!

  68. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    It will help my family out a lot since we had to go to a two income to 1 income family of 4- and help others

  69. Thanks for another great giveaway!!!!

  70. If I were to win these… they would help my family tremendously… I am a COMPLETELY single mom (kids dad passed away) and I work full time to support them and am also going to college to try to improve our lives!!!! Money is obviously super tight in our house so every cent saved goes a long way!!!

  71. Michelle M. says:

    We will be able to put more money towards stocking up on our groceries and supplies since I just recently had to quit my job and now we have two of four children in college. Couponing is a huge part of our life and how we survive with a large family. We will also be able to continue helping my 91 yr old grandmother and my aunt that has cancer with basic necessities. It always makes us feel better when we can bring them a bag full of the things they need so that they can put their money on medical bills. :)

  72. Jeanie Carpenter

    LOVE Insert Insanity!!!

  73. If I win I will have my family jumping up and down and their belly’s will be plenty full! lol

  74. WOW were to even begin. I could restock my stockpile that has gotten a bit low. The savings would be amazing! Thanks!!!!

  75. With our family becoming a Army family in 5 months I really wanted to save as much money as possible with my coupons so we had more money to make the most of the next 5 months with family things and holidays with memories to last the 6 months we won’t be together! Would love to win and thank you guys for all you do.

  76. I love Insert Insanity, been such a life saver.

  77. These coupons will help me and my extended family. I always share with those that need a little extra to make it to that next paycheck.

  78. oh wow, this is such an awesome giveaway!!! 6 months not having to buy any papers??? HUGEEEE blessing!!! Hope I am the privileged one, The reason I coupon is mainly to help my sister and her family and my daughter and her family, and myself of course!!! You guys rock, you are always thinking about your customers and that means alot!!! Thanks for all your hard work and everyone that is involved with helping get these coupons out to your crazy couponers!!!! LOL :)


    Would help a lot to our family, saving money in our groceries and putting more money towards debt. Thanks

  80. My kids are growing so fast, eating me out of house and home! Coupons are a survival tool around here!

  81. This would help us save money for Christmas, Birthday’s, ect! Thanks!!!

  82. My husband recently lost his job so I HAVE to use coupons combined with sales for every purchase we make. These coupons would help tremendously!

  83. Awesomist giveaway ever! Thanks!

  84. It will help save money for my family

  85. Betty Melton

    love to win

  86. Brandi Ferguson

    this would help our family out so much. Every since I started couponing this February, I have help save us A LOT of money. I buy for my other family members. I also give them qs to help them. :)

  87. I’ll be able to save money to take a trip to visit my in-laws. My hubby hasn’t seen them in 17 years.

  88. This would help our family get on solid ground again after losing good paying jobs due to business closure and having to take lower paying ones

  89. Beth Hargett

    These would help my family so much as I am currently unemployed and times have been really rough on us lately. We are a family of four and use coupons every chance we get to save money on groceries and even to get a thing or two we normally wouldn’t be able to afford. Thank you for this chance! :)

  90. Tammie Allred

    We’re supporting 3 generations on one paycheck so we could do a lot with this!

  91. Sheryl Cronin says:

    First of all we don’t get most of the coupons here that everyone else does. I don’t even get the P&G here! Secondly, I could restock my cabinets and fridge because it’s looking pretty bare!

  92. Jennifer Pierce says:

    We are a family of 6 and currently trying to save money to send our 8th grader to washington dc for her 8th grade trip..the coupons help me save money so i can put money into an account for her

  93. Nancy Belfeld says:

    With a family of 6, this would help me tremendously. I purchase 6 papers a week, so the 6 month saving of the cost of the newspapers would be a big help towards groceries! it would definitely help us be able to stock up on alot of the items we always use

  94. Cindi Hayward-Boger says:

    I would love to win!!!

  95. Cindi Hayward-Boger says:

    My husband is disabled and we use a lot of coupons and this woulr really help us out!!

  96. I would definately like to stock up on plenty of food for my family and any extra I will definately donate in November. The boy scouts and girls scouts have a collection in November!


    These coupon inserts help me and my family. My son has moved out of the house and I can help him get the things he needs.

  98. I would be able to stock my cabinets with more groceries and dry goods. This would help us through the winter months when the weather is too bad to make it to work.

  99. I’ll be able to give more to my sisters & parents & it will also allow me to “sponsor” a single mom & her 2 special needs children!

  100. Kristin Kirby says:

    Winning these coupons would be help make our family be able to continue to eat healthy where both parents were laid off after several years due to a company who sent our jobs overseas

  101. Melonie Ford says:

    Wizards you rock!!

  102. Melonie Ford says:

    This would help our family by saving us a little more money each week!

  103. I use coupons not only to help my family but also to help others. We will be able to save money, pay bills, and buy for Christmas. Also we can get items for cheap or free and then use them and or donate them. This will really help alot with Christmas right around the corner.

  104. Tonia Krumvieda says:

    Would love to win ! It would help me to rebuild my stockpile after donating to a family that lost everything.

  105. Debbie Brown says:

    What an awesome prize! Pick me please! :)

  106. I Love Insert Insanity and all of the affiliated sites. The Wizards are GREAT!!! There is no way to put a value on the amount of money to be saved from this giveaway.

  107. Jessica Stiesi says:

    These coupons would help my family so much! I am a stay at home Mom with two little boys and every little bit of savings ensures that I can keep staying home with them for now!!

  108. If I won, they would help me save money on items that I need for my family. I will be able to help others save money as well.

  109. Insert Insanity is always amazing just like the Wizards

  110. Andrea Josiah

    This is a cool contest to win…the savings would be great….I hope I win!

  111. Michelle Laen says:

    How great!! This would be great to win!!!

  112. love the options to get more coupons

  113. Abby Hendrix says:

    I have been a fan of the wizards since the very beginning…I was the 100th fan! The wizards have changed my life and saved me so much money. I could really use these coupons, especially since I lost my job almost 2 years ago and we have been living off of one income while supporting 6 children. I used to be on autobill, but I had to stop doing that because we just couldn’t afford it anymore. Now I only get to order when we have a little extra money. I’m not saving as much on groceries as I used to, but I still do ok by using as many printables as I can.

  114. Coupons help my family save so much money. We are able to have a small stockpile of the items we use all the time and for 1/3 of what we were paying to have nothing in our stockpile and seriously struggling. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! :)

  115. If I won, then I would be able to save some money to get Christmas presents as well as many other household and grocery items.

  116. Bristol Choate says:

    I am a live in nanny as well as a single, college aged, debt free person who loves, and uses, coupons to save myself money and help out my community and family. I would use them to help out those that need coupons and items I could get at a good deal with those coupons.

  117. Gerry Turner says:

    These coupons would help cut the cost of groceries and household necessities and the money saved on these items could be spent taking our little boy to see a movie in the theater for his birthday.

  118. I’m a mother of 6 and I would love to win!! This would be a great help to my family and the church I donate to with Items we don’t use and I pick up for free!!! Times are hard now and days but we try to manage with what we have and get by with couponing!!

  119. i would love too win

  120. It will help me get my mom a stock pile started and help her get into the couponimg world


  122. When I get good coupons I get the items and donate the items to our church food pantry. The health and beauty type things I donate to Aisle 7 at church which is for women to help them out with items they really cannot afford. Kim

  123. I use my extra coupons to but things for the church food pantry. Health and beauty items I donate to Aisle 7 at church which are given to womwn who cannot afford some of the basic necessities most of take for granted.

  124. As I already get what I need each week, I would pass them onto a friend that is trying to get started couponing, and use this as a tool to get her going in the right direction.

  125. If I win I can use what I can to get my stockpile full and then I would love to get lots of things free and cheap to donate to the community center.

  126. Kit Ming Vierra says:

    If I can win, those money that we save will go to our family saving for my husband to attend Law school.

  127. Kay Heath

    Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway.

  128. Almost impossible to get papers with inserts where I live! Would be ecstatic to win this awesome giveaway.

  129. Marin Mandrick says:

    These would help by saving my family money so we can pay off some credit cards

  130. tosha warner-villanueva says:

    Insert insanity rocks!!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

    • tosha warner-villanueva says:

      They would help me so much beacause I am always so busy taking care of my 4 kids that I always forget to get papers until the last minute, this would be a huge weight off my shoulders. :-)

  131. Coupons help me be a sahm and student. With that many coupons it woulda make it possible for me to share more with other families where we live.

  132. I would use the coupons to stock up. My pile is getting low and I can always keep saving money.

  133. I love insert insanity!

  134. They will help my family save money!

  135. this would help with our TIGHT grocery budget! TY!

  136. Lindsey Pegram says:

    All of these coupons will help me save up money for my wedding that is next year.

  137. Ollie Moss

    Since I am out of work and on a SUPER TIGHT BUDGET, these coupons will help me get the items I need for my son’s lunch and so much more.

    Thank you,

    Ollie Moss

  138. Brenda Elsner says:

    coupons help save me money. I can stock pile on items when they go on sale.

  139. Vicki Dupree says:

    This is one heck of a prize! :)

  140. Sherre L Schwartz says:

    I am on disability so they would help my income alot

  141. If I win…I will be able to donate more to my food bank and help my family budget!

  142. Linda Canevari says:

    Save money, Save money, Save money!!!

  143. Not only would I use them, I would share them.

  144. It will help save money on groceries and needed items. A penny saved is a penny earned!!!

  145. This would be great for me. MY PC died and you apparently can’t print coupons from a laptop…

  146. This is awesome!!!

  147. if i were to win it would help my family of 5 so much! it would cut down our grocery bill and give us extra money for family time!

  148. I lost my job about a year ago, due to the economy. With a family of 6, including 4 teenagers, I started researching on the internet, and found that coupons were really helping alot of people. I continued to research, got familiar with store policies, and started teaching myself. Since then, I have managed to take our monthly grocery bill from nearly $1000.00 to $200.00. I have continued looking for employment, however, there are not many people hiring in the collections market at this time, so I still sit home trying to help my husband save money the best way I can. If I were to win this, it would be used to continue assisting my husband with times being tough. Thank You!!

  149. It’s always nice to recive the extra help! This would be wonderful to get. And thank you for being so awesome.

  150. Glenda Herrin says:

    I love Wiz clipz and Inserty Insanity….going ot check out wiz dealz right now!!!….greaT GIVEAWAY!

  151. This giveaway would help my family save money since I have been out of a job the last three months and have turned to couponing as a way to help save on groceries and keep ourselve afloat. This will help me continue to get my book of coupons growing more.

  152. Jonita Taylor says:

    They will help me save money on the things that my family needs.

  153. Would love to win this! The mainland always has better coupons than here in Hawaii!

  154. I would use the money I would save to build up my stockpile. Then I could donate more to our church.

  155. Shelley Brown says:

    It would help my family save money and that would come in handy with Christmas coming up! Some extra money in my pocket would be good during this time.

  156. We could buy some things we wouldn’t normally be able to buy with the money we save from the coupons.

  157. Bridget Merker says:

    This would help our family to save money. We would also be able to donate more items than we normally do. I would also share the coups with my various couponing groups.

  158. I use coupons regularly since we are both in treatment for the C word

  159. We do not get coupon inserts in our Sunday papers. The bigger towns around that deliver to our small town leave them out. It would be so nice to be able to have some to use for what we need. and then the ones I dont use I put out on the shelves for others to use.

  160. It would help us stretch our budget a little further and build a little stockpile up for the winter months! We could also donate to various food pantries in the area just in time for the holidays!

  161. Amy Tolley

    This will help build a stockpile for my family and save us money thanks for this amazing opportunity

  162. This would help ease so many money troubles. As many others, I am a single Mother and at the time am unemployed at the time. So we are very limited with money. However, I am not going to sulk about it because there are others worse than I. I love to coupon and will continue using them no matter the situation. Good luck to everyone who enters

  163. I’m a stay-at-home mom and recently my husband had to take a 50% pay cut so winning the coupon giveaway would provide such significant savings for our family of four.

  164. We are planning a trip, so using coupons will help us save tons of money and get our stockpile going :)

  165. I would love to win this, I love saving MONEY.

  166. This would help my family out tons! We would have more money for other things, like our ever growing pile of bills

  167. If I win, this will help to feed my kids and free up the money from grocery’s to pay bills. Gas prices are horrible so this would help totally. I would also like to be able to give to cjohns in Benton, Ar. They have helped me alot and I would like to be able to pay that help back for others.

  168. Alexandria Cozzini

    Our papers stink for inserts! I have just recently started to actively try to save money by using coupons and winning this giveaway would be a huge help and step in the right direction!

  169. It would replenish my stock and put back in my savings.

  170. It would replenish my stock and be able to put back in my savings.

  171. Kelly Neish says:

    These coupons woulld be such a great help! I am facing a layoff in the future, so I am starting to try and stockpile stuff now — so any coupons to help with that venture would be a huge help!!!! I appreciate the chance to win such a great prize!! Thanks!

  172. if i won this giveaway it would help my family immensely! we are expecting a baby in a couple weeks and i need to continue building up our stockpile! I have already gotten tons of diapers due to all that i have learned from the wizards! would not have been able to do it without you all!

  173. Elaine Bell says:

    I was out of state from 9/4 to 9/18 and didn’t get any of the inserts for this timeframe, so this would be great to fill in the coupons I missed. Thanks for the chance.

  174. Shannon Mansker

    We choose to live by a super tight budget so that I can stay home with the kids. Any way that I can help out my husband and save us money I am all for it.

  175. This would help my family so much. The money I’d be able to save would go towards the holidays. Living on just one income right now so we’re always looking for ways to save money.

  176. Absolutely love you guys! If I win, it would allow me to save more than 50% on groceries which will give us a chance to save more money to where we can finally free ourselves from our debt!

  177. Since I was diagnosed with Cancer a few months ago, expenses have been high. Coupons help me cut down the costs as I am a single mother with a son starting college. Its been a rough year.

  178. This would be a huge help to us. We are having a second baby next year and just starting with the Dave Ramsey approach so we can use all the help we can get!

  179. Jennifer Hill says:

    To save us money to be able to buy more groceries with the little that we have

  180. My daughter and I love coupons specially the sunday inserts. It is a great help in the grocery budget. It would be awesome to win all of this..

  181. It will help my budget!

  182. If we win, it will help us save on our daily purchases, and we can use that savings to do extra fun things with the kids!

  183. Melinda Dartmann

    My husband is retired US Army, so we live on his pension from the military. These coupons would really help me to save more money, especially with the holidays coming up and christmas gifts to buy for 6 grandchildren.

  184. This is such a great giveaway! This will definitely help me save on future trips to the store!

  185. Awesome, awesome giveaway!!!!!!

  186. Super excited about this give a way! This win would save me alot of money from buying Sunday papers for sure. Thanks :)

  187. We are trying desperately to trim as much from our budget as possible with the economy the way it is we have been having a hard time getting everything we need with 10 people in our house so these would definitely go a long way in helping us save some major bucks!!!

  188. If I won it would help us so much.My hubby is the only one who works(Army) & we have 2 little ones at home.It would help us save on groceries & with what we save we could put twards bills &things needed for our little ones.

  189. Will help to keep me motivated about couponing as I’m taking classes now.

  190. Melissa Squires says:

    Thank you SO much for all that you teach me about saving money!!!!

  191. I would actually give the inserts to my dad and step-mom! They are having a real rough patch and need some extra help! I would love to be able to just hand them all over to him to get back into what he had slowly started :-)

  192. This would be such an awesome help if we won! I love couponing and appreciate your site!

  193. As I recently changed jobs (to a lesser paying job) due to health issues these would really help us to get our budget on the right track and have extra money for bills that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

  194. Would love to win and help increase our family savings each week. Fingers crossed :)

  195. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  196. heather hedrick says:

    Thank u to the wizards for this awesome give a way :)

  197. Shanna Hartwell says:

    They would help us rebuild the emergency fund since hubby has been out of work for a while.

  198. We would save a ton of money with the coupons and it would help me build my food stockpile a lot quicker!

  199. Being a stay at home mother while my husband is in the military these will help out our plan to get out of debit. We are starting the Dave Ramsey plan.

  200. We’ll be one step closer to our trip to Disney and the ones I don’t use are shared with the local shelter.

  201. I’ve been couponing and ordering inserts already from Insert Insanity. Coupons have helped our budget so much already, and coming up on the Holiday Season we can always use every little bit we can get!

  202. Winning the inserts would help us save even more money than we save now. I’d know for sure that I had them coming every week and not stress.

  203. I am a stay at home mom with 3 growing boys ages 11, 7, and 11 months. These coupons would be put to tremendously good use :)

  204. I would be able to keep my family and my extended family stocked up for at least a full year!!

  205. Pamela Smith says:

    the company i worked for for 23 years closed. coupons help my family eat better for a better price!

  206. I would love to get some coupons inserts, our newspapers always have them removed.
    great giveaway.

  207. we are trying to save money for a late year vacation and the inserts would go a long towards that.

  208. Marie C.

    This would help us save on groceries and household items so we could finally let my daughter start gymnastics classes.

  209. Would help us buy food when prices just keep going up. Thanks for the chance!


  210. I would so love to win this!!! wooo hoooo…I just love giveaways and congrats on your accomplishments by the way. Thanks for all the hard work you do to make sure all your crazy couponers have their ammunition for the week!!! :)

  211. Crystal Gibson says:

    With the holidays coming up, and the garnishment that my mother just got (75% of her checks) Coupons are going to be a lifesaver and the only way to live! (its the only way of living now, but it would save sooooo much more!)

  212. Ths would help out a great deal since I’m on a very limited income from permanent disability. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  213. Brittany Fraliex says:

    Its so awesome to see giveaways like this. Not only could i save money for my family but also for my coworkers by placing my coupons i don’t use on our coupon board at work : )

  214. cherie montorio says:

    It will help save us money on groceries.

  215. This would help us to further save on our grocery budget to put towards the massive debt we accumulated by moving cross-country with the military. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  216. Awsome giveaway Thanks!!!!!

  217. The money we usually spend on inserts could definitely help our family in paying off our student loan debt :)

  218. Cecilia Hart says:

    You really do give back to your faithful followers, whether it be knowledge or chances to win something. You are all awesome!

  219. This will help lessen the financial load!

  220. Dottie rivers says:

    Oh this would be wonderful! Mother of five and grandma of nine, I stockpile to help them all!

  221. would live to win.

  222. Crossing my fingers XXX

  223. My mother, daughter, and I are all living at my mother’s 2 bedroom house and working part-time jobs. Since I don’t make enough to pay a normal amount of rent, the amount I save on groceries is part of my contribution to the household expenses.

  224. I would use the $20 i would save each week to pay down debt.

  225. desiree dunham says:

    The money would go towards something else for the family

  226. Nina Harbison says:

    Getting 6 inserts without the expense of papers or ordering inserts would be awesome! Extra money to help feed 4 children! I hope I win!

  227. of all the giveaways this is the one i want to win.

  228. Thanks so much!! If I won this, it would tremendously save my family money and allow us to be back on the road to financial freedom!

  229. Thanks so much!! If I won this, it would tremendously save my family money!

  230. I NEED to win these!! I am desperately trying to rebuild my coupon binder, ran out of ink and my cupboards are bare, Cold weather is coming and I can”t afford to buy groceries and pay for heating oil without couponing and stocking up. Crossing my fingers. toes, and eyes!

  231. Carol Coppage says:

    lets stop telling people about this and keep it as our little secret??? Im joking of course
    Who wouldnt like to know more and save even more……!!!!!!

  232. Would love to win! It would help our family of six so much! We enjoy living frugal and couponing, and with the savings we could afford more other things our children need and want.

  233. Karen Brown

    I love getting insert packs each week because I can really take advantage of great sales by having all the coupons right on hand! Getting them FREE would mean those deals are even better because my investment in the coupons would be $0! :)

  234. I believe this would be sooo very helpful during the winter season. The heating bills, Christmas, and all the other bills that come during the winter. It would be great to be able to stock up on some things, considering the price of all the food out there. Thank you for the opportunity to enter a great giveaway!!!!!!!!

  235. Saving money is always my priority if at all possible. So these coupons would really be helpful.

  236. I am a SAHM and without coupons we wouldn’t be able to have the things we need! This would also make my donations boxes a little bigger!

  237. could tremendously help my family stay on budget

  238. I also, like many others use coupons as a means to budget for the extra things my family likes to have. With christmas just down the road I have been working extra hard on the couponing so that we will have the extra money for buying gifts for our children. This amount of coupons would make a huge impact on our goal and it might just allow us to get the PS3 that the children have been wanting

  239. Barbara wicklund says:

    Could really use this!

  240. Awesome giveaway! Cant wait to start a stockpile and let the savings begin

  241. Awesome giveaway! Cant wait to start a stockpile and let the savings begin! Thanks.

  242. Claribel Enriquez`

    This would help my family a lot because cash has been tight for a few months now after a huge change in my life

  243. My grams and I were in the flood of 2011. We started “rebuilding” before we realized we just don’t have the money. We are living separately right now. We finally found a house out of the flood zone that we could afford. This would help tremendously to fill our new home with food and extras that we need.

  244. Claudia F.

    I would be able to help even more of my family and make even more donations to the local
    services in my town !!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize !

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