Kid’s Bling Shoes Review & Giveaway

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photo (65)We were contacted by Tabitha at IzzybellsBlingBling shoes recently, offering us some products to do a review and giveaway. Being a mom of two girls, this stuff was right up my alley. All I had to do was give her my daughter’s shoe size and wait for my surprise!

The shoes showed up and they were just adorable. Black, Converse-style, and boy, were they blinged out. They had red and white rhinestones studded across the front of the shoe and the fanciest red and white ribbons where the laces should be. I couldn’t wait to get them on her – and Valentine’s Day was coming.

We had a Valentine’s party to go to and those shoes were the talk of the day. My friends wanted to know if I made them (no!) and did I like them (I loved them!) They fit perfectly with her adorable Valentine’s tights and dress. I did have to cut the ribbon a bit on the ends, but I would rather the ribbons too long that I could cut them to fit than not have enough room to make a big poofy bow with them. They were just perfect.

She’s worn them twice since then and we have gotten compliments wherever we go on them. Something I love is that you can use them for any occasion no matter what the colors might be. I could pull the ribbons out and use blue laces for Memorial Day, 4th of July, throw green in with the red ribbons for Christmas, the possibilities are endless! I am definitely a shopper of Tabitha’s products from now on.
photo (64)

Want to win your own pair of kid’s bling shoes? Simply enter and WIN! Tabitha is offering a surprise pair of kids bling shoes to one lucky fan. The giveaway will run until Friday, February 22 at midnight. BUT WAIT! We have sweetened the pot – since we are sisters to Insert Insanity, we are throwing in a 6 pack of this week’s inserts for the winner!

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  1. Colleen Maynard says:

    These shoes would be soooo cute for my Eva. I saw them on Pinterest before but never knew where to get them.

  2. my granddaughter serenity

  3. I’d love to put these on my daughter

  4. My 3 yr old daughter would LOVE a pair of BLING shoes!!! So adorable!!!

  5. These are so cute! My almost 2yo would love them.

  6. Lisa Hackney

    My 4 year old would flip for these!! She LOVES shoes… which is odd, because I don’t LOL

  7. Ashley B.

    I would love a pair for my daughter!!

  8. I would give them to a co-worker for her grand daughter :)

  9. I would put these cuties on my little cuties.

  10. Glenda Herrin says:

    these would be awesome to win

  11. I would give them to a friend’s little girl for her birthday present! So cute!

  12. Tina Grindstaff says:

    My niece, Samantha, would love these.

  13. My twin girls!!! :)

  14. I would give these shoes to my niece.

  15. Nancy Pitu

    I will put this on my baby girl Emilia :) She will rock them on 😀

  16. @giasmommy324

    My daughter

  17. My niece would love these!

  18. I don’t know…But they are cute. I would have to donate them so send a biz card if I win. lol

  19. my daughter or my niece

  20. Sooo Cute, these would be perfect for my grand daughter.

  21. Dawn Cates says:

    my grand daughter!

  22. Brandi ferguson

    my two year old little girl. she LOVES shoes and purses. :)

  23. Amanda Scola says:

    My daughter would love these.

  24. Those are absolutely adorable. Both my girls would love that, but seeing how my 11 yr. old is wearing women’s shoes, I’d have to go w/my little Babydoll, she’s following her sisters “footsteps” & loves to be dressy & flashy. But, since The Wizard is being so kind, if I was to win, it’s only gracious for me to offer the inserts to a friend as I do get enough inserts. Thank You for a wonderful opportunity & only wish the best for the other applicants & GOOD LUCK !!!!!

  25. Well I have a boy so definitely my friends daughter Brooke. I never pass up the chance to get girlie stuff and dress her up <3

  26. My bonus baby irl would love these!!!!! These are so cute! BTW Thank you for all the giveaways!

  27. Christine Smatlak

    I would put them on my niece since my daughter is too big for them!! They are so adorable!!

  28. I would love to give these to my granddaughter!

  29. I would put them on my daughter- she likes the zebra striped ones

  30. these would so cute on my niece for her 2nd birthday

  31. these would go to my Granddaughter.

  32. Very cute!Thank You

  33. love the shoes

  34. Bristol Choate says:

    I would put them on my little 2 year old niece Naomi!

  35. Stormy Matlick

    My daughter Violet would love these!

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