Kids Valentines Party-Dollar Store Style

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Kids Valentines Party

Throwing a kids valentines party doesn’t have to be expensive.  I put together one every year for the kiddos in my family. The majority of the party items came from the Dollar Tree or Target’s Dollar Spot. I did purchase a few things that were in the $2.00-$4.00 range, but only a few.  I decided to have the kids over on a Friday night, so I made a big batch of spaghetti up too. That way they had dinner before having some valentine goodies!

Kids Valentines Party Decorations that I used

All of the things I got to fill the goody bags came from the Dollar Tree, including the goody bags themselves. I purchased the heart shaped bowls at Target’s dollar spot. The bigger heart shaped bowl cost me $3.00 but I just couldn’t resist!

The Little Debbie snacks inside the bigger bowl were $1.62 at Target. The candy like the M&M’s I also bought and saved on by using my coupons from Insert Insanity. and printable coupons. The decorations on the table are all from the Dollar Tree. My son picked out the valentine glass and wanted to put little candies in it for a guessing game later on during the party. I loved using it for a centerpiece. My local Dollar Tree  really had a big assortment of window clings, and I love them. I get them for every holiday.
Valentine Party Goodie BagsKids Valentines Party decorationsKids Valentines Party decorationsKids Valentines Party decorationsKids Valentines Party decorationsKids Valentines Party

Kids Valentines Party Craft #1

Before the party I asked each child to bring valentines to pass out to the other kids. (their all cousins) I asked them to make them out  themselves or have their parents take them to buy them from the Dollar Tree. They have a great selection there. Some examples they had are: paper airplanes, Justin Bieber, Scratch and Sniff, Jokes, Animals, and Basketball. That’s just a few of the many varieties of Valentines that they had at my local store. Once they arrived with their valentines I had them put them aside and we made our own  envelopes to hold them using two pieces of construction paper, stickers, and markers, and foam hearts. All from the dollar store, except the construction paper which I scored earlier in the year during a Toys R Us sale. Once they finished making them, I hung them on the wall. Then they all took turns delivering their valentines.

Kids Valentines Party          Kids Valentines Party

Kids Valentines Party Game

As I mentioned earlier I let my son pick out the glass that I used as a centerpiece. He wanted to “host” a game for the other kids. (He’s eleven and the oldest, so you know he thinks he is “big man on campus” around here. Ha Ha!) He wanted to do a guessing game where the kids have to guess how many candies are inside the glass. I let him open the candies, count them, and put them inside the glass. He also handed out slips of paper, and collected all of the guesses.  This is the first time during a party that I have done a game with a prize. When the kids were younger they didn’t understand why only one person got the prize.  (The prize was the glass of candies) I thought that most of them were old enough to understand that concept now. I did remind them that everyone would be going home with goody bags. It was a big hit, everyone had fun doing it and it was a nice game to break up our two crafts.

Kids Valentines Party

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Kids Valentines Party Craft #2

This next craft idea I bought from Michaels Arts and Craft Store. It was only a few dollars on sale. They are animal frames. Each kit came with three animals: A panda, a monkey, and an owl. They each came with the accessories to complete the face and hands/feet/eyes. They also came with a red sparkly heart that the kid’s picture went behind. While my teenage niece was overseeing the building of the frames I headed to the computer to print some pictures of the kids I took when they first arrived. They weren’t the best quality since I just printed them on regular copy paper, but the point was just to have a picture of them to go into their frame. If I had to do it again I think I would take the picture farther away since it’s such a small hole, in order to get more of them in the frame. In the end they turned out so cute! I decided to make one myself, and so did my friend that was there with me. The kids really enjoyed putting them together. That’s me and my son on the far left! I decided to be different and make a kissy face-after all it is for Valentines Day!

Kids Valentines Party CraftKids Valentines Party CraftKids Valentines Party Craft

Opening Valentines, Enjoying the Goodies, & Auntie’s Tradition

After the cute animal frames the kids made it was time for the long anticipated opening of the valentines. I love how excited the kids get for this! I called them each up to get their envelopes from the wall and then we all sat in the living room and opened them. They all had fun seeing the variety of Valentines they got. During this time I also let them get some of the  treats I had put out. They all had been eyeing them since they walked in. Then they all sat down and I turned on the movie “Be My Valentine Charlie Brown.” I am a huge Peanuts fan, and it’s been my tradition to end all of the parties with one of the Peanuts movies. They all have come to expect it, and I love and that I can share something that I loved as a kid with them. While they were watching the movie I decided to go ahead and add their pictures to the animal  frames for them. I thought it required an adult’s help, and after assembling their frames they really were anxious to open their valentines. In the end we all had a great time together! I really enjoyed putting together the party for them, spending time watching and interacting with them. The party lasted about 3 hours and they were all tired out by the time they went home.  Auntie was tired too.

Kids Valentines Party

Throughout the year there are lots of holidays that give us opportunities to have parties for our kids. The only holiday party I used to do for the kiddos was Christmas. Then I realized how inexpensive I could do a party. For the last couple years I try to do as many holidays with them as I can. Their childhood seems to be going by so fast and I love making memories with all of them. A kids party doesn’t have to be expensive, just be creative, check out your local dollar store, or plan next years party by shopping the after holiday clearance, and you too can have a great kids valentines party!

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