Men’s Guide to Valentine’s Shopping

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In this Men’s Guide to Valentine’s Shopping, I’ll help to point your better half in the right direction. A majority of our followers are women ages 25-44, and are couponers. This guide is designed to help people avoid the commercialism trap that is know as Valentine’s Day. Men- women want you to get them something for Valentine’s Day even if they say otherwise.

Trap 1: If she says she doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, DO NOT fall for it. If you do you’ll be with the rest of the guys on the morning of February 14th buying whatever you can on the shelves.

Men’s Guide to Valentine’s Shopping





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Other Things

Valentine’s Idea

Men’s Guide to Valentine’s Shopping




Do not get left in the position of having to buy that overpriced heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates. This does not mean the bigger the better here, guys. If you bought lingerie (read below for suggestions) you better think twice about the type of chocolate you purchase. Remember, not all chocolate is created equal. Besides, if she’s a couponer, she’ll get all the assorted heart shaped chocolates on February 15th for less than half of what you are about to spend. Here are some examples of the things to look for:




The next Valentine’s Day certainty is flowers. If you have ever bought a dozen roses on February 14th, you’ve had your first lesson in economics. The number one thing they teach you is the Law of Supply and Demand- as demand goes up, so does the price. The thing to consider here is, does she even like flowers? Thankfully, my wife does not, but that does not get me off the hook- it just means I have to get more creative. If she takes pride in the flowers you buy and takes the time to keep them alive as long as possible, then you better stick with the flowers. If they never even see another drop of water and start wilting by the end of the day, odds are she may enjoy something else a little better. Use that portion of the budget elsewhere. Here is one example of something you could buy. It is the Shari’s Berries ‘Full dozen Strawberry Roses‘. Anything dipped in chocolate should be a winner here, well almost anything, chocolate dipped bacon is a bad idea (Yum, sorry that just looks good, but NO not for Valentine’s Day). If you have a local florist that you work with, get there NOW, no not now, but the sooner the better.

Trap 2: Order flowers a week or two in advance. If you wait until the last minute you will NOT get the prime selection and florists know you are desperate. If you shop early, you can find the best price and people are more willing to deal in order to get the upfront business. If you order online, make sure you get the orders in within a few days after the Superbowl in order to get the best price and guaranteed delivery.

If you plan to order online, check out these companies and see if they deliver to your area:

FTD Flowers




Lingerie is a gray area for Valentine’s Day (no not 50 Shades of Grey), but gray as in you better know exactly what she likes and exactly what size. There is no room for error here. When it comes to lingerie, I would consider sticking to the Top Rated Items on Amazon or go to your local Victoria’s Secret. Trust me, this time of year they are willing to help you. Do not try to get too creative here, doing so in this area will surely backfire. Nothing edible, heavily scented, or overly complicated. If it looks like it takes an engineering degree to put on because of all strings, don’t do it and spice them up with the accessories like stockings or a garter belt.

Other Things to Consider:


I polled our other admins on the site and the number one reoccurring theme was they wanted time away from the kids and come back to a clean house. So because of this you may want to consider getting her a Spa Gift card, even a Valentine’s Day Card offering to watch the kids while she gets away for a day/weekend for “me” time. With that said, DO NOT let her come back to a dirty house. You owe her one weekend for everything she does for you.

Trap 3: Do not make a promise, I Owe You, or any other card that you cannot follow through with. If you are going to take the time to do anything make sure you can follow through. And remember these cards have no ‘Blackout Dates”. Don’t add fineprint that says only redeemable this weekend, that weekend, or expires on any date 😉

Valentine’s Day Idea:


Here’s an idea for you guys that are just totally lost and need all the help you can get.

First, get dinner taken care of. If she’s a stay-at-home mom, make sure to let her know that you are handling dinner and order her favorite meal as ‘Take Out’ from her favorite restaurant. As soon as you get home, tell her you have the kids and for her to go relax in a hot bath with the door locked (so those pesky kids do not disturb).

Instead of getting any lingerie get her a nice warm comfy robe like this Sherpa Shawl Solid Long Robe. Hand her the box with the robe as she walks up. Tell her “Don’t worry about dinner, I got this. Just go relax.” Don’t worry about any bath accessories, she’s a couponer she’s got everything she needs.

Now, your clock is ticking on getting dinner setup. Get the kids occupied and get everything together. Maybe use candles or the nice dinnerware, just get everything you need setting out. Go ahead and get your hot items for dinner on the plate (do not add cold items yet) and put the plates in the oven (the oven is still turned off). Next, get all your other Valentine’s Day items together (Chocolate, Flowers, etc…) and if you can get them on the bed without her knowing as a surprise when she gets out of the bath. If not, use them as a center-piece for dinner. While you are up there try and get yourself cleaned up and change into something a little nicer than usual.

You are all set, now just breathe when you start hearing commotions from the bathroom take the dinner plates out of the oven and pop them one at a time into the microwave and zap them for 15-20 seconds each just to reheat. Then add on any cold items to the plate and get the table all setup. Add her favorite beverage of choice and make sure to have an extra ready to go in the refrigerator.

At this point, you would add any items such as gift certificates, cards, spa cards around her plate or under her plate. This is where if the kids made mommy anything from school they would place it on the table as well. Remember, she is probably still wearing the robe you bought so make sure to provide a napkin.

Now, just sit back and enjoy. No matter what is going in your life, her life, or even the kids … most of it can wait till tomorrow. Tonight is all hers, pamper her and your life will be more enjoyable.
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