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Online Earning

Did you ever wonder about those online earning companies that promise to pay for you to do survey work for them?


I was never convinced that they really produce the money and survey’s that were promised.  I’ve tried a few in the past, and most wanted my credit card number.  Any company that asks for your credit card number to sign up is probably not the best choice.  Last month I posted about my starting journey with Opinion Outpost.  You can view that article about the signup process here.

In the past few weeks I’ve worked closely with Opinion Outpost to come back and report my findings about the company and their offers.  I’m happy to report that they give their customers what they promise.  Opinion Outpost works with many survey’s for many types of people.  You are rewarded with Opinion Reward Points.  The points can be traded in for a payout into your Paypal account, or to enter prize drawings.  The number of points I’ve received per survey has varied.  Some of the longer ones have been worth as many as 10 points.  On Friday’s they have “Fantastic Fridays.”  This prize drawing takes place weekly on their website, and rewards their customers with Gift Cards for Amazon.   I hope to see one of your names on the winning list soon!

The time spent on this website has been plentiful.  I have taken many survey’s.  I have received a Paypal payout for $10.00 so far, and I have 10 points currently on my account.  This online earning website is a great starting point for someone like myself who wanted to give a survey site a try.  Their survey’s are pretty basic.  I did one for Gatorade.  I thought that one was pretty cool.  I received an email stating I had been selected to receive and test a new product.  I have not received the product yet, but am hoping to report back to you with great results.

Another great perk for their survey’s is that you can choose to not disclose personal information.  If you don’t want to answer about your household income, you can always select that you prefer not to answer.  Selecting to keep that private has not disqualified me from any surveys yet.  Occasionally, you will have to spend some time going through the surveys to find one that you are selected for based on your basic information.  I have found this online earning site to be a great tool when I have a few minutes.  I don’t spend as much time there as some, but some of our fans have said they’ve received a payout from Opinion Outpost as well.  I’m a believer that Opinion Outpost is a great way to make some extra spending money if you have the time to put into it.  This is great income to save for that summer vacation with your family.


This is definitely a great online earning site to start with.  Head over, and give Opinion Outpost a try.  Let me know what you think.  I believe you will be very pleased with their survey choices, and even more please with how easy they make the process for everyone.

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