Organizing Your Coupons for Quick Cutting – The Wizard’s Method

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One of the things that we do our best to teach you is how to organize your coupons the quickest and most efficient way possible. Regardless whether or not you use the binder method or the file method, clipping coupons takes time.  By using the method David outlines in this video, you will set yourself up to save a ton of time when you are ready to clip your coupons.  In addition, David offers his comments on the subject of “gang cutting” and why this isn’t something you should be concerned with as an EXTREMEly effective Coupon Wizards couponer.


  1. Elaine Spink says:

    I was doing the stapling wrong! I have been stapling the four corners of the entire insert after I broke them down! No wonder I wasn’t fond of using a stapler! LOL Thanks for the demo David!! Man, you are tall! :)

    • Gale Kelly says:

      I find that if I staple only two corners……diagonally,….this works just fine for a six pack of inserts. I love the videos David!

  2. Marie Shackelford

    I was also stapling on the one corner but everything else I do the same. A few more staples and I am set:) Thanks David!!!

  3. this is great for us who need to be organized

  4. Never even thought of this method!! Thank you so much!

  5. Christine Smatlak

    Im going back to doing it this way. So easy!!

  6. Jenny Mercieca says:

    Very helpful – I love my binder, but it’s beginning to be too much work, I think I’m going to have to try this!

  7. Michelle

    Since I switched to the file side I have done this with the exception of only stapling the top 2 corners of a full page and top right corner of a one page and then put them back together with the staple facing the right so I can just flip through it by the staple. Works for me :-) I have moved with me, for the past 15 or more years, a box of staples that rarely ever got used! This year will be the first time ever in that time I will actually have to find a bargain on staples! lol

  8. Christina Hoffman says:

    Great Post! Thanks

  9. this is they way I learned from David from the start and I love it!

  10. Ok…I get it. But what’s the next step? What’s the most efficient way to find the coupons to actually use them? Is it through coupon matchup sites? Great video btw.

  11. kimberly

    Where do I find the Insert recap page???

  12. This was posted on FB Today and isn’t working…too bad…might have been interesting!!!!

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