Publix Trip on 9/8 with 84% Savings on $183!

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Publix Trip 9/8

Publix Trip 9-8-16

I got out early today for my Publix trip. Well, actually, 2 trips. I went to 2 different stores so I could use both of my $10/$50+ Publix coupons. I also wanted to get the bread before it was gone. I checked my stores yesterday and there weren’t many on the shelves to begin with. Plus the Purina ONE Hairball Formula (the one I feed my cats) is usually the first to get snatched up. I wanted to make sure I got those too. I know I can get rain checks, but remember, I wanted to use my total purchase coupons and to leave anything out would have messed up my whole trip!

As mentioned on Facebook earlier, I didn’t realize the Tuttorosso Publix coupon had a limit of 1 until I got to the register & was informed by the cashier. Oops! So my total for that store was $1 more than I planned on. No biggie, just embarrassing. All together (for both trips) I got $183 worth of groceries for $28.94; 84% savings, which included 2 free chickens & 2 free loaves of bread. I also got Zinny’s paw print of approval on my shop; Woo hoo! Here’s what I got & any coupons I used:

Publix Trip Breakdowns:

Store 1
6 Tuttorosso Canned Tomatoes, 28oz BOGO @ $1.99
Used 2 $1/3 Tuttorosso Tomatoes, 28oz+ coupons from 7/24SS
Used 1 $1/3 Tuttorosso Tomatoes, 28oz Publix coupon from Flavor Excursion
OOP = 6/$2.97 or $0.50 each

2 Entenmann’s Little Bites BOGO @ $4.69
2 Sara Lee White with Whole Grains Bread loaves @ $2.39 each
Used 2 Free Sara Lee WYB Entenmann’s Publix coupons from Grocery Adv Flyer
OOP = $4.69 for all 4

3 Febreze Wax Melts & 3 Febreze Air Fresheners @ 2/$6 or $3 each
2 Rotisserie Chickens @ $7.49 each
Both chickens were auto-deducted (Buy 3 P&G products, Get 1 Free Chicken)
Used 3 BOGO Febreze Products (up to $3.49) coupons from 8/28 P&G (took off $9)
Total = $9 for all of it

Amazon Prime Banner 1

4 Purina ONE Cat Food, 3.5lb BOGO @ $7.99
Used 4 $2/1 Purina ONE Cat Food printable coupons (NLA)
Used 1 $1/1 Purina ONE Cat Food Winn Dixie coupon (limit 1)
OOP = 4/$6.98 or $1.75 each

Used 1 $10/$50+ Purchase Publix coupon from last week’s newspaper

Store 2
6 Purina ONE Cat Food, 3.5lb BOGO @ $7.99
Used 6 $2/1 Purina ONE Cat Food printable coupons (NLA)
Used 1 $1/1 Purina ONE Cat Food Winn Dixie coupon (limit 1)
OOP = 6/$10.97 or $1.83 each

6 Vlasic Relish, 9oz BOGO @ $1.39
Used 3 $1/2 Vlasic Pickles or Relish coupons from 8/24 SS
OOP = 6/$1.17 or $0.20 each

5 Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade & 1 Soy Sauce @ 2/$4 or $2 each
Used 6 $0.55/1 Kikkoman Soy Suace or Teriyaki Merinade printable coupons
Total = 6/$8.70 or $1.45 each

4 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel BOGO @ $2.48
Used 4 $0.50/1 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel coupons from 8/7 SS
Total = 4/$2.96 or $0.74 each

6 Starkist Tuna Pouches on sale 10/$10 or $1 each
Used 6 $0.75/1 Starkist Product coupons from 8/14 SS
Total = 6/$1.50 or $0.25 each

Used 1 more $10/$50+ Purchase Publix coupon from last week’s newspaper

Totals from Publix Trip (both trips together)

Total before any coupons or discounts = $183.40
Total Savings after coupons & discounts = $154.46
Total OOP = $28.94
Total Savings = 84% (Savings/Total b4 coupons or $154.46/$183.40) before tax

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Sparking Ice drinks ALA $0.58 each!
Jolly Time Popcorn just $0.30 a box!
Suave 2-in-1 Shampoo $0.69 each!
OxiClean HD just $1.99 for 60oz!
Tyson Chicken Nuggets $2.50 a bag coming up next week!
Atkins Meal Bars $2 a box starting Wed/Thurs!
Alpo Dog Snaps, $0.75 each for the 2 pound boxes!
Angel Soft bath tissue ALA $0.53 for 4 double rolls!
Bush’s Cocina Latina Beans $0.07 each!
Lay’s Potato Chips only $1.50 a bag!
Ball Park Hot Dogs $1.47 each!
Mayfield Ice Cream $2 for 1.5qt!

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