How to Refresh Wool Clothes

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How to Refresh Wool Clothes

Wool clothes are usually put away at the start of summer. These are usually cramped into drawers or cupboards and are quickly pulled out once the cooler weather arrives. However, because of the time they have spent in the drawers, wool clothes can sometimes smell a little musty.

First, you will have to check them to make sure that they are not soiled. Gather them all together and then turn all of them inside out. Then head on over to your laundry room and toss them into the dryer on a low setting. Make sure to add one or two sheets of fabric softener into the dryer.

Another way you can freshen up your wool clothes is by hanging them on a clothes hanger and then hanging them outside. The fresh cool air will definitely give your wool clothes a fresh smell. However, it is important that you check the weather conditions so they will not be caught in the rain. If you happen to have an enclosed area, hang them up in there instead.

You could also use a clothes steamer to freshen up your wool clothes, if you happen to own one. Just make sure that the amount of steam being released is set at the lowest possible level. This will ensure that your wool clothes are not going to be saturated with water.

When it is time to pack them away again for the next season, you could fold them up and put them in a zippered plastic bag that is designed to hold clothes that you do not need to wear now.

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