Riveted Burlap Heart Wreath

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Riveted Burlap Heart Wreath

Riveted Burlap Heart Wreath

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Add a touch of country or Primitive design to your Valentine’s day decor with a Riveted burlap heart wreath. This wreath is very cute and also very frugal to be kept for yourself or given to the ones you love. You only need Burlap ( in any color you choose) a Heart shaped styrofoam wreath and scrapbook brads to make your own Riveted Burlap Heart Wreath.

Heart Wreath Instructions:
  1. Take your heart and roughly measure the amount of burlap you’ll need by loosely wrapping it around the foam wreath.
  2. Cut off the amount of burlap you’ll need to make it easier to work with.
  3. Start at what will be the back of your wreath and anchor the burlap with a brad.
  4. Wrap the burlap around the wreath setting anchors with your rivets ( scrapbook brads)  at every twist, leaving a line of rivets around the outside edge of your heart.
  5. Once you have completely wrapped the heart  anchor the end piece to the back of your wreath with more brads and cut off the excess burlap.
  6. You can hang your heart on a wall or outside door.  Burlap is very weather resistant and you’ll be enjoying your Valentine’s wreath for years to come.

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