Savings Catcher – Now Nationwide at Walmart!

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New Savings Catcher Program from Walmart

Walmart Savings Catcher NW

Wow! Walmart has been testing this new program called Savings Catcher in a few areas of the country over the last few months and I guess it worked out because it’s now Nationwide! I’ve already tested it on a small purchase and received $0.25. In a nutshell, you enter your receipt number (what they call the TC number) from any in-store purchase receipt and it will compare the prices you paid to select retailers in your area. If it finds a lower price at one of those select retailers, they will refund you the difference, between the price you paid and the price the other retailer is selling it for, in the form of a Walmart e-gift card. You can get an e-gift card each time, or have them accumulate in your online account until you’re ready to cash them in for one BIG e-gift card.

Savings Catcher works with grocery, household supplies and health & beauty items. Nothing like electronics, toys, housewares or things like that, but who knows what the future will bring! If I were you, I’d enter my TC number every time, from every receipt, just in case it finds something. What have you got to lose? Oh and I made my purchase at a Walmart Neighborhood Market Store, not a regular full Walmart store, so I know it works with those stores too!

Walmart Savings Catcher 1st Receipt

Screenshot of My First Savings Catcher Find!

The process was very easy and it did take 3 days, which they say it can take. I’ll also be honest with you. I put in my receipt knowing I had 2 items that were cheaper at Publix. It found the one for Pillsbury, but came up with nothing for the Seattle’s Best, which I know is .36 cheaper at Publix right now. I’m guessing it didn’t compare their prices to the Publix Green Advantage flyer, but at any rate, I’m going through their “Did We Miss Something” process right now and I’ll let you know how it turns out, but so far, I’m happy.

I’ve listed some of the features/faqs below, but head on over to their website to get the entire lowdown. Let me know how it works out for you. I can’t wait to try it again. Oh, and despite rumors you may hear, this is NOT replacing price-matching. It’s just another tool at our disposal.

Some Savings Catcher Features & Facts Straight from their Website:

1. Who Can Use Savings Catcher?

Only U.S. citizens over the age of eighteen (18) with a valid receipt from a participating Walmart store in the United States, excluding Puerto Rico, are eligible to use the Walmart Savings Catcher.

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2. What if I use coupons:

No problem, you can still use Savings Catcher. If you use a coupon, Savings Catcher will compare the original Walmart price of the item, before the coupon was applied, to other stores’ advertised prices for the same item. For example: You bought cookies at Walmart. The shelf price was $3 and you used a coupon for $0.25, so you paid $2.75. If Savings Catcher finds that a competitor advertised those same cookies for $2, Savings Catcher will still credit you $1, even though you paid only $2.75 at Walmart.

3. What competitor pricing won’t Savings Catcher cover – Pretty much everything Walmart’s price matching policy won’t cover now:

  • Items that require a separate purchase to get the advertised price (example: “Buy oatmeal to get cereal for $1.”)
  • Items with no actual price that require a purchase to get a free product. (example: “Buy both oatmeal & cereal to get milk for free.”)
  • Items that require a purchase to get a gift card (example: “Buy a 12 pack of paper towels to get a $5 gift card.”)
  • Buy one get one free (BOGO) where there is no actual item price listed (example: Peter Pan Peanut Butter, buy one, get one free. Save up to $2.50”)
  • Going out of business or closeout prices
  • Percentage off (example: “All mascara, 40% off”)

4. Will Savings Catcher work with online pricing?

Savings Catcher currently applies to your in-store purchases only.

Head over to Walmart’s Savings Catcher program now for even more details!

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