Stainless Steel Appliances – How to Clean Them

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How to clean Stainless Steel Appliances

How to clean Stainless Steel Appliances

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If you have new stainless steel appliances cleaning them wrong could result in streaks and a less attractive appearance.  There are plenty of expensive cleaning products for stainless steel appliances but you could save money and clean appliances in a more eco-friendly way by creating a stainless steel cleaner at home.

Stainless steel is notorious for being hard to maintain.  Water, fingerprints, grease and other substances typically found in a kitchen will mark the surface.  It tends to look streaked and dirty rather easily.  Making your stainless steel clean and shiney is a two step process.  First the cleaning of the surface has to take place and then the second step is to return the factory glow to your stainless steel appliances.

To Clean your Stainless Steel Appliances, You’ll need:
  •   Baby oil
  •   A spray bottle with 40z water and 4 oz white vinegar
  •   2 Microfiber cloths
Cleaning Directions:

To clean the fronts of your stainless steel appliances use the vinegar and water solution. Spray the surface generously, paying attention to any handles or creases.  Let the solution sit for 30 seconds  and wipe until completely dry with the first microfiber cloth.   Once the appliance is clean buff it to a high shine with baby oil and the other microfiber cloths. Use circular motions when applying the oil and only a little at a time.  Too much oil will leave your surface greasy and streaked.

Keeping your stainless steel looking great only takes a little effort and some pretty inexpensive cleaners.  Instead of spending a small fortune keeping stainless steel clean just search under your bathroom and kitchen sinks, you probably already have everything you need to keep your stainless steel appliances looking brand new.

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