Surface Pro for Couponers – Review

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SurfaceProThe Microsoft Surface Pro for Couponers review is for those people that are on the fence about getting the new hybrid device. For me I am a tech guy and all the hype around the surface intrigued me to at least investigate the product. The first thing you need to know is that the device comes in 2 flavors “RT” and “PRO”. “RT” essentially means it is a watered down version of Windows 8 that only runs a certain types of applications. It is about half the price of the “PRO” at $499, but once I saw it’s limitations I did not want it. The “RT” is very comparable to an iPad minus the App Store. As a couponer the “RT” was eliminated because although it runs some Windows Applications it still cannot print from all the various coupons sites (RedPlum, SmartSource,, etc…) Now enters the Surface Pro with a starting price of $899. This device runs a full version of Windows 8 Pro which means it can do anything your current Windows computer can do plus so much more. That means I can get 2 more coupon prints that I can’t get with any other tablet device. That alone over time will help eliminate $400 increase from RT to Pro. But not only that, this device can replace a couple other devices when we travel. One fun fact I found out is that you don’t have to remove this device from your bag at the airport when going through security (TSA Blog) since it is classified as a tablet. For someone that travels a lot that may actually mean something. In our household this will also replace our ailing laptop that has been on the verge of falling apart for several months now.

Because of the value-add that this device brings with its hybrid (tablet/laptop) functionality there was one last thing that Microsoft added that sealed the deal on this device over any other flavor of Windows 8 Tablets. Microsoft added a warranty that completely sold me on the device called Microsoft Complete Coverage. The warranty costs $149 but covers your device for 2 years and it even includes accidental damage. With young kids and having gone through replacing a broken iPad, this was music to my ears. Typically, on this sort of insurance even if you NEVER use it you can still get your battery replaced right before it expires which pretty much covers the cost of the insurance.

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I’m not going to give any How-To’s or Technical Reviews on this device unless we have a large number of readers on the device. But I am going to do it show you some pictures compared to the iPad and show the true cost of ownership for this device. If you are in the market for a tablet device or even a new Ultrabook Laptop then this device needs to make your list for consideration. If you are one of those people that buys a new laptop every Christmas because they are cheap. Then this device is not for you. No it is not cheap, but the hardware packed into this small form factor will run the pants off of any sub $500 laptop.

 Surface Pro vs iPad 2 SurfacePro SurfacePro
SurfacePro SurfacePro SurfacePro

If you are going to use this device as a laptop replacement then I suggest go ahead and splurge on the 128gb model. The Surface Pro is about one and a half times thicker than the iPad 2 and nearly double the weight, but when compared to a laptop it is the hands down winner. The Microsoft App Store isn’t nearly as robust as iTunes, but since the Pro runs any Windows compatible software you could argue that it has more possible software solutions.

Cost of ownership for the Microsoft Surface Pro 128gb:

Surface Pro: $999

Type Cover: $129

Warranty: $149

Total: $1277

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This price does seem high, but as a laptop replacement you will find that for similar hardware specs the price is pretty fair. How many other devices have a warranty that covers drops or spills? I hope I never have to use this feature, but that piece of mind means a lot. The device is cool, the keyboard is cool, but the warranty sold me. That honestly makes it very easy to be able to take it places and not worry if the kids start playing with it.


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