Wizard Amanda’s Extreme Couponing Challenge

I took on this extreme couponing $10 challenge with many thoughts. Can I hang with the big dogs? I have no chance against a Publix or even a store that doubles. Then I thought, well I could go and hit up the drug stores and maybe Walmart. In the end my better judgment got a hold of me and I decided to do what this Military Wizard does best, the Commissary. I know that many of you can't shop the Commissary and maybe this is a little on the unfair side. However, in the interest of being … [Read more...]

Wizard Challenge- Jessica’s Extreme Couponing Shopping Trips

The Coupon Wizards Admin Challenge is over and the moment of truth is here. The challenge forced me to think outside the box and in terms of extreme. I actually got a little nauseous going to Walmart, knowing I was going to have a zero balance with overage shopping trip. My husband usually does the Walmart trips and I give him any coupons that will provide a few dollars off the rest of the basket. Just because we were in a challenge, I did not run out to try every possible free item … [Read more...]

The Coupon Wizards Coupon Challenge Week Four

We have made it to week four of the Coupon Challenge. I am very proud of all of you who have devoted the time each week for this challenge. This is the last week for the coupon challenge and I have decided to take it up a notch. Not only will you be contacting more manufacturers, I am making it more competitive. I know you all want to win inserts or clipped coupons right? I am going to let you pick what manufacturers you would like to contact. I also recommend that you work on contacting … [Read more...]

The Coupon Wizards Coupon Challenge Week Three

Today starts week three of The Coupon Wizards Coupon Challenge we will be using the manufacturer database on The Coupon Wizards Website. There are several manufacturers in each category. Most of the manufacturers offer a sign up to become a member of their community. There are some manufacturers that have printable coupons. Once again, you can contact eight manufacturers that will count towards the prizes. If you don't get the result you want, continue contacting others until you have reached … [Read more...]

The Coupon Wizards Coupon Challenge Week Two

Today starts week two of The Coupon Wizards coupon challenge and I'm hearing lots of excitement, enthusiasm and determination. This week, there will be eight manufacturers to contact. You may contact as many as you want but only eight will go towards the challenge and the opportunity to win one of the the prizes. I have heard lots of feedback that some of you are motivated to contact other manufacturers and that's great. In the end, you will have more coupons to use so it's a win, win situation … [Read more...]

Win Prizes With The Coupon Wizards Coupon Challenge

Today is the start of The Coupon Wizards Coupon Challenge. I am very excited to get started and even more excited to work together towards one common goal, saving you money. I will be posting each days challenge in the morning on the The Coupon Wizards Facebook wall as well as Learning 2 Coupon forum. We will be using this forum for any comments or questions you may have. I would also like you to share any tips or suggestions you may have. I welcome your input because sharing is what we do as … [Read more...]

The Coupon Wizards Manufacturer Coupon Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? Would you like to be the first to know about special offers and coupons before they go out to the public? Would you like to get coupons for products your family loves that you don't see very often or at all? If you answered yes to these questions, then The Coupon Wizards Manufacturer Coupon Challenge is for you. I am ready to help you challenge yourself, guide you and give you the resources and tools needed to be successful in this challenge. We will be using … [Read more...]