What Should I Expect from Coupons – January Edition

January is a time of new beginnings.  Many of us come up with resolutions that we have no intention of keeping.  Others will turn over a new leaf that will change the way they live for the rest of their life.  Regardless of where you fit on the spectrum, there is one thing for certain: couponing is still hot! In 2011 we saw a huge spike in the number of people that started couponing. It lasted into February of 2012 and then started to decline. We had a new generation of "born again … [Read more...]

What to Expect from Coupons – March Edition

Ready to learn about coupons in March? It is hard to believe that we are into the third month of 2015 already. It literally seems like yesterday that the kids were tearing through wrapping paper on Christmas morning and now it's a distant memory.  As winter draws to a close and spring is upon us, we are in a fun time of the year for couponers.  The weather will begin to change, the days will become longer and people will be staying out of their homes more and more.  Little League, scouting and … [Read more...]

Publix 80% Savings and Multiple Grocery Store Transaction Breakdown

  Some stores have restrictions on coupons such as how many you can use in one transaction and some stores would rather move you through the line quickly.  You can still get what you need and use all of your coupons it just take a few extra minutes on your end. Publix accepts competitors coupons but allow only one Enjoy the City $5/30 Winn Dixie coupon I planned on using. I ended up having to do 5 separate transactions to get everything on my list. Below is an easy method that works … [Read more...]

Yes, Stores Care if the Shelves are Cleared

Empty shelves are a problem.  They are a problem for us as consumers and they are an even bigger problem for the stores.  It is always a very heated debate when you bring up the topic of shelf clearing.  People are not middle of the road at all.  Either you do it or you don't.  Both sides have their reasons for their position.  The purpose of this article is to offer another point of view that many of you may not have considered.  The stores DO CARE if their shelves get cleared.  I hear the … [Read more...]