Using BOGO Coupons on B2G1 Free Sales

Using BOGO Coupons on B2G1 Sales There are a lot of confusing scenarios in the coupon world, but few have left me stumped with the exception of Buy 2 Get 1 Free (B2G1) sales combined with Buy 1 Get 1 Free (BOGO) coupons. Then one day I decided to sit down and break it down. Since then I refer to my notes whenever using BOGO coupons comes at the same time as a B2G1 sale. I thought I’d break it down for you now, since I’m about to post a deal on Glade Plugins currently going on at Publix that … [Read more...]

Mail In Rebate – Seafood/Meat Select States

Mail In Rebate for Meat This rebate popped up on the Food Lion website this week. You can save up to $4 on any meat or seafood purchase ($8 minimum) by sending in your receipt, along with this mail in rebate form. It's sponsored by a beer company, so you have to be 21, but no alcohol purchase is required and you do not have to make your purchase at a Food Lion. Now this is my kind of rebate! The bad news is, only a handful of states are eligible. If you live in FL, GA, KY, ND, NC, SC, TN, … [Read more...]