Trimming the Fat Tip #1 – Know your Auto Insurance

As many of you know, by day I am a risk management consultant and licensed commercial property and casualty insurance agent.  I have a Certified Risk Managers designation as well as a Certified Insurance Counselors designation.  That means that I know a lot of stuff that is good for me to know, but basically worthless information to the population at large!  However, I have decided to draw on some of that knowledge for at least a couple of the articles having to do with the trimming of fat in … [Read more...]

Saving Money On Your Heating Bill – Tips to Help

Saving Money On Your Heating Bill If you haven’t accepted it yet, winter is here. As I sit and write this article, the current temperature is -11 and it feels like -37 here in Indiana and we have over a foot of snow! Mother Nature sure knows how to put a stop to things real fast when she wants too. Living in Indiana all of my life you would think I would get used to the winters here. I think I just dislike the cold more every year. Haha! Every winter my husband and I purchase plastic to go … [Read more...]