$44.95 Sylvania SDVD9004 9″ Portable DVD Player

The Sylvania SDVD9004 Portable DVD Player is the ideal portable media entertainment system for your fast-paced lifestyle. Watch your favorite DVD movies and listen to your favorite track while on the road. This powerful portable video and music player features a clear 9" widescreen 180 degree swivel LCD display for quality viewing and is equipped with built-in speakers and a headphone jack for smooth listening. You don't even have to worry about converting most of your media files. This handy … [Read more...]

$14.99 Portable Gas Stove with Carrying Case

Great for cookouts, camping, emergencies, and more! This portable gas stove features a single gas burner and an inlet for gas canister (not included). Each unit includes a convenient carrying case for transport and storage and measures app 13"x10". $4.99 Shipping … [Read more...]

$8.77 Folding Shopping Cart

Don't blow out your back carrying groceries when you could easily wheel them to your refrigerator door with this ultra convenient pack and roll shopping cart. This lightweight chariot transports cumbersome objects with ease, allowing you to comfortably tote groceries and other belongings with an easy grip handle that pulls the wheeled cart effortlessly. I didn't need to hear many horror stories about hernias or pulled muscles to realize that a cart like this is vital to any shopper. But this … [Read more...]

$42.99 Yada 5″ Touchscreen Portable GPS Navigation System

Going on a trip and worried about getting lost? Get to your destination quickly and easily with the Yada Portable GPS Navigation System! With built-in maps of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, you'll save time while you're on the road. No more stopping for directions or fumbling over paper maps! Just enter your destination on the large 5.0-inch touchscreen color display and go! With spoken turn by turn directions in English and French it provides plenty of Points … [Read more...]

$4.95 Handheld Disinfecting Portable UV Scanner

Use this small portable light scanner to identify and destroy unwanted bacteria, germs and microbes. This innovative products can eliminate unsanitary conditions in your home. Instantly disinfects, faucets, door knobs, keyboards, phones and more! UV light kills 99% of germs in only 20 seconds. $3.99 Shipping … [Read more...]

$8.77 Handheld Disinfecting Portable UV Wand Scanner

Grotesque germs and disgusting bacteria can't hide from this portable handheld UV wand scanner that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect anything in its glow. The UV wand uses a beam of ultraviolet light to kill 99% of microbes, bacteria, and germs with a quick 20 second exposure! Sanitize your toothbrush with this UV wand before you stick it anywhere near your mouth! Disinfect doorknobs, armrests on chairs, remote controls, laptops and keyboards, musical instruments, sink tops and more with this … [Read more...]

$18.95 Logitech S135i Portable Speaker with Built-in iPod Dock

Ready to play. Ready to charge. With this go-anywhere speaker for your iPod, you're set to rock around the house or wherever you want to listen to your music in clear stereo sound with a boost of booming bass. $3.99 Shipping … [Read more...]

$9.49 Symtek TF100 Portable Power Pack for iPhone, iPod and Many Other Cell Phones, can extend the use of your device by up to 20 hours!

Perfect for use with your iPods, cell phones, and portable gaming systems, the Symtek TF100 can extend the use of your device by up to 20 hours. This power pack has a user-settable USB charging port. $3.99 Shipping … [Read more...]

$12 for $25 worth of foldable flats from CitySlips.com

-$12 for $25 to spend site-wide on CitySlips.com -Portable, foldable flats fit neatly in a small pouch and come in a variety of colors and styles -Prices range from $24.95 to $60 -Perfect for commuting to work, dance floors, or walking home from a night out -As seen in Cosmopolitan, Forbes Women, The New York Times and beyond -May use up to $4 in Save Rewards toward your purchase … [Read more...]