The Correct Way Use the Herbal Essences BOGO Coupons

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I know that there are a lot of people that are new to coupononing out there. I also know that there are a lot of cagey veterans that know the rules. One of the reasons that this community is so special is that we can draw from each other’s experiences and make sure that we are all ethically using our coupons to get the best deals possible. Speaking of which, does anyone else find it ironic that every time there is a scenario where people are misusing coupons that it involves Proctor and Gamble?

I have noticed from the orders on Wiz Clipz and the questions on the wall that it appears people will be trying to use the B1G1 Herbal Essences Coupon along with the $3/2 Herbal Essences coupon. NOT COOL! These coupons should not be used together as it constitutes misuse of the coupons. Here is the breakdown: the bogo coupon applies to both UPC codes. Meaning, you buy one to qualify and then you get another one for free. The $3/2 also applies to both UPC codes. Meaning, you have to buy a total of 2 to save $3.00. You can only use one or the other, not both. If that logic doesn’t work for you, simply read the coupon. The coupon specifically states limit one coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated. It doesn’t say “limit of one like coupon”, it says “limit of one coupon”. In fact, the manufacturer was so adamant that you see it, they printed it in red. If you have already used the BOGO coupon, you can’t use another coupon on the same 2 items unless it is a store coupon from the store you are shopping or one of their competitors. I fear many people are going to try to stack these and in a lot of cases be successful. That doesn’t mean it’s right!

P & G builds the gross profit into their products based on proper coupon redemption. They also issue the coupons based on projections that contemplate the number of coupons that will be redeemed properly. Over the course of the last several months, we have seen gross misuse of Crest Whitestrips coupons to buy toothpaste. We have also watched as the value of the coupons in the Proctor and Gamble inserts has dropped substantially. In fact, many cities do not even get a P & G insert any longer. Manufacturers are not going to lose money due to coupons as long as we use them correctly. In fact, manufacturers aren’t going to lose money if we use coupons incorrectly because they will just quit giving coupons for specific products or cut the value of the coupons they do produce.

People will defend their position and say “the manufacturer will lose money if we don’t buy their products so they have to give us coupons”. Here is where I must give you the harsh reality that 90%-95% of the people out there don’t use a single coupon to buy their product. They would actually make more money selling their product at full price to people who don’t use coupons at all than they would by including the couponers in the process. That’s the way the numbers work. Please, when you think about planning your shopping trip, ask yourself, is it really worth selling my soul for a bottle of shampoo? Let’s face it, if we wait a few weeks, we will get it for free…….the right way.


  1. I also saw someone arguing yesterday because they would not let her use the BOGO and $3/1 coupon at CVS yesterday.

  2. liz jovanovich says:

    I purchased 3 bottles at Walmart yesterday and used both coupons. Each bottle was $2.50 a piece. The total was $7.50 for the 3. The BOGO took off $2.50 and then an additional $3 for the two I purchased. My total before tax was $2.00. It is my daughters favorite kind of shampoo and conditioner so paying .66 a piece is ok with me!

    • But Liz, that is exactly what tcw are talking about. is it really worth the $3 you save, to do the wrong thing? I understand money is tight, but, we aren’t going to see these coupons at all anymore if people keep abusing the system. and I don’t know if my integrity is worth the $3

    • It may be “OKAY” with you, but it is NOT okay with the manufacturer! This is exactly what you are NOT suppose to do with this coupon! The only way to use both coupons, legally is to buy 4 bottles of shampoo!

    • I personally don’t feel she did anything wrong at all. She bought 3 bottles and the BOGO attached the coupon to ONE of the products while the $3/2 attached itself to the other TWO products.

      Doesn’t their coupon policy state that you can do this?

      • Karen, there are so many comments that I am not sure which one you are referring to. However, the store’s coupon policy has absolutely nothing to do with the wording on the coupons themselves. The BOGO coupon attaches to BOTH bottles because the one you are paying for and the one that is free are the “specified quantity”. The $3/2 also attached to 2 bottles. In order to use both a BOGO and a $3/2, you HAVE to buy 4 bottles. Anything outside of that is a violation of the terms on the coupon. Again, the store may allow it, but the store is not the issuer of the coupon. It’s the manfacturer terms that are printed on the coupon that govern it’s appropriate use. I wrote this article a couple of months ago specifically to show that it’s not the store’s decision: Hope that makes sense! —–David

  3. I have always been told that if you use a b1g1 coupon, you can use another $off the one you are buying. Example: B1 Pantene Get 1 Pantene Free
    Use $1 off 1 bottle of Pantene (the one you are buying to get the free one, it qualifies if you have a coupon just for that bottle)? So is that not right? If not, I have been doing that on every b1g1 I have. Like the razors B1G1 FREE, I also used $3 off the first razor I am buying to get the second one free…correct me if I am wrong. That’s the way alot of these sites are showing to use the coupons to get the better deals.

    • Linda,
      It depends on what the coupon itself says, not a store’s policy. If the coupon states “Limit one coupon per specified purchase” you cannot combine them. On a BOGO coupon, the specified purchased is the one that you pay for and the one that you get for free. The coupon attaches to BOTH units. If that wording was not on the BOGO coupons (which is how it used to be), then you could use a second coupon toward the item you are paying for, as long as that coupon didn’t have the same restriction because the BOGO would have already attached to both units. In that scenario, even though it would be within the terms of the BOGO coupon, it may violate the terms of the other coupon.

  4. if you bought 4 bottles could you use 2 B1G1 and 1 $3/2?

    • No. The 2 BOGO coupons would attach to all four bottles. It doesn’t go buy how many you “pay” for, it goes by the specified quantites on the coupon. Each BOGO coupon attached to 2 and each $3/2 attached to 2. In order to do the deal above, you would have to buy 6 bottles to use 2 BOGO an 1 $3/2.

  5. It is about reading the coupon. The article says the coupon STATES “one coupon for the amount of product stated”. Meaning ONLY one coupon for the two products. You can use a cents off coupon at certain stores with a BOGO but it all depends on what the coupons SAYS on it

  6. ok thanks! I don’t even think i have the $3/2 and only have 1 B1G1, just trying to learn the in’s and out’s of couponing the CORRECT Way!

  7. Confused! A lovely coupon lady posted this ~~ these are the BIG bottles of Pantene. On sale for $5.99 at CVS. Used B1G1 plus 2- $1/2 coupons. also had $5 Ecb to use
    Paid $16.75, got $15 ECB back, so making final OOP=
    To clarify:
    She bought (8) bottles of shampoo
    She used (4) B1G1
    She also used (2) $1/2 coupons and this is what she said to me: I used my correctly Tonya Dean. I only used 2 of the $1/2 coupons. Therefore, I only rec’d the discount on 4 of the bottles. This is all 1 transaction.
    Now I am completely lost!! Is that how you are supposed to do it?

  8. I was wondering is it only the products mentioned in the picture or can I buy 2/$5 the smallest bottles and since it states free conditioner or style up to 4.99 can I get the large conditioner or not?

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