Tips on Organizing a Hall Closet

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Tips on Organizing a Hall Closet

Organizing the Hall Closet

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Hall closets can become messy, especially if you happen to have a small closet and manage to keep both shoes and other outerwear in it for all seasons. One thing that you can do that will help you to keep your hall closet organized is to make sure that it has shelves. These shelves can hold small items such as your umbrella, gloves, scarves, and hats. Another thing that will help you to keep your closet organized is to buy a scarf hanger. This nifty little gadget does not cost a lot of money, yet will easily be able to keep all of your scarves in order and accessible.

Remove any extra sweaters that you may happen to have in your hall closet. Only keep one in there for when you need it in a hurry. You can also remove any seasonal clothing that is not in use. Store these away in boxes until they are needed. Only hang up coats that you will be using immediately.

Another way to organize a hall closet is to have a shoe rack. This shoe rack will help to keep the shoes organized and easily accessible. Extra boots and similar outerwear can be placed in a box and stored away for future use.

Utilizing the above tips will help you to keep your closet organized and free of clutter.

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