Upromise: Start Saving Money For College Now! Here Is How It Works!

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This is the first in a series to explain how Upromise works. The best thing about Upromise is that you can earn money without really having to do anything except sign up and click. As a Upromise member you can earn money back from purchases you make at drug stores, grocery stores, restaurants, travel sites, and online retailers.

 How do you earn?

First you need to register on the Upromise.com secure website. Then register your credit and debit cards and link your drug store and grocery store loyalty cards. You can even register a McDonald’s Arch card and earn 1% on the value!

You can earn 1-25% by shopping one of Upromise’s  800 online retailers. Just logon to your Upromise account then search for the store and click through to the website you want to go to. Each purchase you make this way will earn you a percentage back into your Upromise account. For example, right now you can earn 1% back from Walmart, 4% back from Groupon, and 25% back from Magazines.com! Sure, 1% or 2% doesn’t seem like a lot but it could be depending on the size of your purchase! And it’s free money. All you had to do was click through the Upromise site. Plus the site has daily and weekly promotions and certain retailers will offer a bigger percentage for a limited time.

By booking travel through the Upromise site, using their travel partners such as Expedia or Travelocity, you can earn up to 4%.

By dining at one of Upromise’s 8000 participating restaurants and using the credit or debit card you registered on the site, you can earn up to 8% back. There is a way to search for participating restaurants near your zip code and you can see what percentage each offers. Some offer greater or smaller percentages back depending on the day of the week.

You can also click to activate grocery ecoupons from the site. When you make a purchase using your registered grocery store loyalty card you will receive the value of the coupon in your Upromise account. This is almost exactly the same as SavingStar if you are familiar with that program. You can sign up for both programs but you can only use ONE at a time. If your store does not have a loyalty card, ask for a Upromise key tag/card at customer service. Then register that card number on the site before you make your purchase to get your savings.

If you so desire, you can also sign up for a Upromise credit card. This card will earn you additional money back. You receive an extra 1% back on all purchases made with the card (online or in store), 2% extra on online purchases, 10% extra on grocery purchases, and a $25 welcome bonus.

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If you download and install the TurboSaver toolbar from the Upromise website it can help you save money by helping you find retailers and restaurants that offer Upromise savings. However this is not supported by Google Chrome, so you need to use Internet Explorer of Mozilla Firefox.

Finally, you can also ask friends and family to set up their own Upromise accounts (and enter their shopping cards and credit cards) and their savings can be transferred to your account.

Look for my next post to learn how to use all those earnings!



  1. Vicki Oliver says:

    seeing if i can’t link my existing students loans now as that’s a major part of our debt. $19K

  2. Coupon Erin says:

    Thank you! Several years ago my information was on a computer that got stolen at the place I worked. They paid for a year to a place that checked our FICO and information. I was addicted to checking it all the time. I am very parinoid about my information getting stolen. I was dumb enough to pay $9.95 for several years since it made me feel more secure. I decided I was just throwing money away & done away with it. Nothing beats peace of mind and Free!


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