Valentine’s Wall Hanging

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Valentine’s Wall Hanging

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This Valentine’s wall hanging is easy and fun to make.  It can display any message and be as large or small as you like.  You can also use different fabric to make Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving or any other seasonal decor. To make this Valentine’s wall decor you will need :

Mini Canvases ( usually in an 8 pack at the craft store)
Mod Podge for Fabric
Paint Brush
Fabric (amount will vary)
Paper Scrapbook letters
Ribbon 24”
Hot glue and Hot glue gun


  • Cut fabric large enough to “wrap” each canvas
  • Take brush and brush mod podge on canvases – front sides and partially on back smooth with hands as pulling taut
  • Allow to dry 2 hours
  • Place letters on the canvases ( place a little mod podge on the back of the letters and allow to dry for a few minutes if they are moving around)
  • Coat thickly and evenly with mod podge and allow to dry completely
  • When dry Hot glue ribbon to the back of the canvases and loop and glue the top of the ribbon allowing you to hang it.

Alternatively you can add magnets to the back and create refrigerator decor or place them on a shelf as well to decorate. While the canvases are sold in most craft stores they may also come in varying sizes but the steps to decorate the canvases will be the same.

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