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coupons-1 (300x201)We are really focusing on building out Red Hot Coupons, our offical Facebook group! Not only do you get the benefit of chatting with all of your favorite coupon friends, but you can also be a big time winner! To celebrate our milestone of 2500 group members, we are giving away a Big Daddy Stockpile Pack of whole coupon inserts from the month of October!

Specifically, you will get:

October 5: 10 SS #1, 10 SS #2, 10 RP

October 12: 10 SS, 10 RP

October 19: 10 SS

October 26: 10 SS, 10 RP, 10 P&G

November 2: 10 SS, 10 RP

Follow the instructions in the widget below to score your entries into this massive giveaway!

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  1. Favorite coupon haul was free gum after coupon and free gas as well!!

  2. My favorite haul is when I got 8 boxes of bounce sheets for just $1

  3. Brooke Hoke Parr says:

    There have been so many! But I love it when I can use a coupon for a free item during a BOGO sale & get overage. The one that I can think of right now was the Alexia coupons from the class action suit. But I also won some Purina coupons for $15.00 & $5.00 & used them at Target last week to get 2 bonus bags of Purina Dog Chow, along with a $5 Target q & a $5 gift card deal. It was a $3 money maker :)

  4. All of them! Lately it has been the Olay at Target B1G1 40% off and using the $4 coupons or the sale at CVS this past week 2/8 and using 2 $4 off making them free.

  5. michelle enloe says:

    My favorite coupon haul was when I got all laundry detergent at dollar general for on 75 cents a piece with their sale and spending 25 or more and getting 5 dollars off bill, I got enough for 4 month worth of laundry.

  6. Glyzzy

    I had to say that my best coupon haul was the one I had 36 boxes of pasta, avocados, diapers, strawberrys, an other condiments for only $16.00.

  7. Dee Cindee says:

    My favorite haul of all time was at a local grocery chain when my grand total after coupons was $ .05. I was frantically looking through my purse because I didn’t want to use my debit card for the nickle. :)

  8. Trying this out!

  9. My favorite haul has to be from CVS, rolling ECB’s for paper products

  10. Dawn Cates says:

    Any coupon where when it doubles the item end up being free.

  11. Miranda Greene

    My favorite coupon haul of all time had to be when we first started and got 10 boxes of pasta and walked out of the store not paying a penny. That was the thrill that told us this would work.

  12. Jennifer celeste says:

    My favorite couple haul was for the halls cough drops several months ago. Got each pack for 12 cents. Gave a lot to my mom. And have used almost all of them.

  13. Would really be awesome to win this deal!!

  14. Nita todd says:

    This week at Kmart was great. I got Tide pods for $1 & pantene stylers for .99ea. Best deals are when u can get clearance items for free. WALGREENS had Cover girl nail polish b1g150 with the 2.50/2 I actually had a mm. I shopped 6 out of 7 days this week I am stocked on Tide and Huggies

  15. Love this!! Trying to get back into couponing again after my job cut my hours!!!

  16. Lori Conquest says:

    I love getting stocked up on body wash, shampoo and conditioner for 25 cents a available bottle…

  17. Amy Oliver says:

    I’m new to the couponing scene but I had a pretty good haul on cereal and cinnamon rolls at Kroger. I used coupons for both items that came from Cheerios boxes. I ended up saving over 50%! :0)

  18. Rhiannon Stallings says:

    My favorite haul is anytime that I get free laundry detergent!!

  19. Michelle Cavanaugh says:

    My favorite coupon haul was all the free dog and cat food at Target from the Iams food coupon.

  20. Jackie Farnham says:

    My favorite coupon haul so far was a price matching trip to Walmart. I got $537 of groceries/paper supplies/cleaning/etc including 18 12 packs of soda for $187 and change =)

  21. Michelle Schlund

    Hard to pick just one haul!! I would have to go with my most recent Loreal Deal Paid $44 for products and made $53 in fuel perks!!! $9 MM

  22. sherrri k/lynne bright says:

    When I walked out with four 12 packs of water for 4.00 bucks.

  23. Diana Grisolia says:

    I have been couponing for almost 5 years now and I am still amazed when I have a total of $70.00 and pay $3.00 to $5.00 out of pocket and get $ 16.00- $20.00 back in Up Rewards or ECB’s. Nothing better then free plus money makers. It is an awesome feeling knowing that you just saved x amount of money for your family.

  24. Julie Hayes says:

    My favorite haul so far was 44 items for a total of $136.72, I paid out of pocket $13.29 for a savings of 93%. I still have the receipt, I was so excited that day!

  25. Still waiting for that big one.

  26. My favorite has to be the Tresemme hairspray for .16 cents a can a few weeks ago!! I’m stocked up now!

  27. Shared, liked and now I commented

  28. Favorite haul(s) include getting tons of free baby food & wipes

  29. Andrea Peterson

    My favorite haul recently was finding dishwasher detergent tabs on clearance and getting 20 count boxes for less than $1 each!

  30. There have been so many! Free Iams at Target, $0.16 Purex at Shoprite, and free Ronzoni Healthy Harvest at Stop and Shop to name a few!

  31. Tiffany Ives says:

    My favorite coupon haul wasn’t actually mine, it was my husband’s grandmother’s! I had just taught her and her sister how to coupon and gave them a ton of coupons. They called me the next day telling me about their trip to publix! They were so excited to get free stuff!

  32. I love that this site has taught me how to coupon correctly, build a stockpile and reduce debt! Amazing site!

  33. Last week I got Oil of Olay soap. I had never been able to afford it in my life. And then I was able to get enough for my mom, which just made it three times as nice!

  34. There. Has been so many hauls. But if i had to pick just ne it when cvs does there spent 30. Get a visa fift card or gas card did the panten got 9 bottles for .᤾.50 cents each but i love saving all the time

  35. my fav coupon haul is when I shop at winndixie only used coupons and bought bogo paid oop 100$ for over 500$ in product

  36. My favorite haul was years ago when Kroger doubled c/o’s up to $1. My daughter’s 3rd grade class got ice cream for winning the school’s food drive, my local food pantry got 36 boxes of GM cereal & I got to be the ‘cool mom’ instead of the ‘weird coupon mom’ for almost a week!

  37. My favorite haul was years ago when Kroger doubled c/o’s up to $1. My daughter’s 3rd grade class got ice cream for winning the school’s food drive, my local food pantry got 36 boxes of GM cereal and I got to be the ‘cool mom’ instead of the ‘weird coupon mom’ for almost a week!

  38. My favorite coupon trip of all time was a couple years ago with the Mrs T drink mixers FREE at Publix. I got 12 and made holiday baskets for all my friends, just added some Tequilla! My favorite coupon trip this week is the Lances crackers .50 cents a pack.

  39. gretchen reichenberg lucas

    my fave was the ban wipes that were free a few months ago and i used that with the points booster at walgreens so i made money- love that!

  40. Jessica Hein Strom says:

    Recently it was free rayovac batteries at ingles. For packs for $1-$1 of coupon means free and with kids we go through a ton!!!

  41. This would really help me get back into couponing.

  42. There have been hundreds of great ones, but I could really use a bunch of Reynolds wrap again. My husband almost passed out when I got 48 of them over the course of a week at Walgreens. We didn’t have to buy it for a couple years, LOL

  43. Traci Terry

    I’m Still learning !! This site has helped me sooooo much ! My favorite deal so far was $32.00 worth of product I use daily for 24 cents ! Not bas for a newbie

  44. My favorite haul of all time would have to be diapers. Since I have 3 kids (two still in diapers), I pretty much buy diapers all the time! When Target had the $20/100 purchase back over the summer, I make four trips to Target and bought 16 boxes of Luvs/Huggies to stockpile. We had a rough summer at our restaurant, and I have just started buying diapers again about 3 weeks ago! Woo Hoo! That was the best haul ever!

  45. Courtney Buckles says:

    Would love to won this

  46. samantha g. says:

    There are SO many great hauls that it’s difficult to remember them all. My favorite haul awhile back was when I spotted L’Oreal sunscreen marked down on clearance from $8.99 to $2.48 at Target. i had $2/1 Target coupons and scored the sunscreens for only $.48! I was BEYOND excited!

  47. luv the heads up on coupons!!!

  48. It would have to be the bath tissue and paper towels.

  49. anytime I can get something I need for free

  50. Favorite couponing is anything I get for FREE! :)

  51. Andrea Brown says:

    I would have to say a couple years ago when they put out a $3 off any of the 3 in 1 laundry sheets and the single pack is .98 at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart had just started allowing overage. I hade 50 of the coupons and ended up getting $130 worth of stuff from Wal-Mart and paid just a few pennies. I got products that was also a good deal at Wal-Mart with coupons and the overage from the $3 covered the rest.

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