10 Surprising Uses For Hair Conditioner

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10 Surprising Uses

10 surprising uses

Have you gotten some excellent deals on hair conditioner but you are married to another brand for hair care? No worries! There are a lot of other uses you can put a cheap bottle of hair conditioner to. Aside from donating or passing it down to the kids, here are 10 surprising uses for hair conditioner you might never have thought of.

Here are 10 Surprising Uses:

1. Shaving lotions: Shaving lotions can be expensive and frankly I HATE all that foam on the blade, it seems to cut down on the shaving ability. I like to use cheap hair conditioner for a shaving lotion. It leaves legs nick free and smells great too.

2. Drain unclogger: Now this one I haven’t tried yet, but many people swear that by putting hair conditioner down the shower drain, hair clogs get nice and slippery and pass through the pipes. Next time your drain is full of hair, put a cup full of cheap conditioner and some hot water down the drain and give it a try.

3. Make-up remover: I have never gotten free makeup remover. So using a few dabs of cheap conditioner to remove makeup will save money in the long run.

4. Marker Remover: Do you have kids that get marker stains on their forearms and fingers? Grab some hair conditioner to lighten, or even remove, those stains easily without scrubbing their skin off. It works great on removing temporary tattoos as well.

5. Hair detangler: Put ⅛ cup conditioner in a spray bottle of water and a teaspoon of white vinegar. Shake and use to spritz hair as an excellent detangler. Adjust the amount if it leaves hair greasy or too weighted down.

6. Wool Sweater Rinse: Got wool sweaters or scarfs? Rinse them in conditioner instead of fabric softener (use same proportions) to keep them soft and fresh smelling.

7. Car freshener: Soak a washcloth in conditioner and ball it up. Put it in an old stocking and stick it in the car. This works best in Warm humid climates to release scent into the air.

8. Massage oil: Use Conditioner as a massage oil. It will last longer than regular lotion to give a great foot or back rub and is not so greasy you’ll need a shower after using it. It does make a good SKIN conditioner too for those with, particularly dry skin. Another alternative you could try may include mixing the conditioner with CBD oil or getting a CBD cream from Blessed CBD which may work wonders on your skin.

9. Mirror Defogger: Use a little conditioner and buff it into your clean bathroom mirrors to help decrease fogging.

10. Soften and Clean makeup Brushes: Soak brushes in conditioner and rinse well to keep brushes clean and super soft.

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